Happy weekend people! So nice to be blogging today… Calabar has been so wet for the last couple of days and despite the fact that this wetness has paralyzed so many activities and plans, some other people won’t just be stopped by the rains.. The medical students of the University of calabar are no exception to this rule as they had their annual awards night/Dinner ceremony yesterday at the 520 event hall.. It was a whole lot of fun as medical students were seen in a different light. ALl dressed up in chic evening dresses nd suits.. It was a sight to behold.. Several awards were presented amidst a lot of “group convos” (distractions). Best couple, best Dressed, most outstanding… And a host of other inspiring awards… The event ran well into the early hours of the morning and this just goes a long way to show that: though they are medical students, they do know how to party… Lol! Congrats to all the awardees! Better luck next year to nominees and everyone else… Picture time!!!





CUMSA Dinner

CUMSA Dinner

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One thought on “CUMSA AWARDS NIGHT.

  1. Wat a nice blog! Whoeva is behind dis, its quite nice nd u guys shuld plz keep it up! D pics are guud nd besides maybe som awards did not match d winners! I rest ma case ciaoo

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