It’s almost 11pm… Wow! Kept y’aul waiting for quite a while..My apologies. We have received crazy reactions to our previous blog with Strong, constructive criticism making up the most. There’s nothing wrong with the trend, just a lot of people getting it wrong. I’m not here to make you like or hate the trend though; just here to make those who already have an interest in it to either get it right or do it better.
So, it’s Wednesday already.. Week’s almost through.. Did I hear a “whoop whoop!”? I screamed it just now.
Have you ever heard of the lady popularly referred to as “the 18 year old Designer”? If you have, Grand..if not, still grand. We got to interview her and you’ll read all about the interview soon and get to know her take on the colour blocking trend as well. I’m actually dwelling on this colour blocking thingy till the week runs out…
OurBlogazine is open to ads and promos and stuff like that for those of you that have been asking. Just get in touch with us and we’ll work it out for you.
BBM: 296E491E, 2754AF4D
Twitter: @HorizonInc1
Okay! Other duties are calling now,I’ve gotta go now. Do have a pleasant night, people… Cheers!!

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