The 18 year old Designer.

Neve Dyeri

Fashion is a general tradition of this present age. it is a means of definition of character, attitude and most importantly, style. In the footsteps of well-known fashion mothers such as Deola Sagoe, Ituen basi, Zizi Cardow and the likes, our very own Nkari Neve Dyeri is determined to not only see to the definition of individuals, but imprint her name on the canvass of the fashion industry.

the 18 year old Designer

the 18 year old Designer


Horizon Inc. was able to squeeze into her seemingly busy schedule for an interview. the interview which lasted for about 2hours was a very interesting one and we had no regrets at the end.

At about 6;19pm, we hooked up with the fashion designer while she was trying to have a “quick” dinner.


As she busied with her chicken, we began.

  • Hello…  Tell us briefly about yourself, please.

*hmmm* First of all, my name is Nkari. I just turned 20. I’m from a very polygamous home. My grand dad had 2 wives.  I was an only child for 10years. i was a tom-boy till that age as well. I got spoilt. Well, childhood was wonderful. I live mostly with my grand mom.  I’m a final year student of petroleum chemistry and engineering in American University of Nigeria. i should be done by next year.

  • So, you’re a designer. for how long now?

Yeah, a fashion designer *chuckles* I’d say all my life. But I officially registered my brand in 2008, four years as of July, 2012. I liked fashion so much that I used to draw designs in class in JSS2.

  • What inspired you?

Growing up with my grand-ma.  There were so many sewing machines around so I used to make dresses for dolls out of the little pieces. So 70% influence is my grand-ma. Friends as well. Everyone you meet in life leaves a bit of themselves in you. Don’t forget, role models.

  • The Fashion Design industry, what’s it like?

It has really come a long way from where we were. Women are embracing it more while the men are still tilting towards it. it’s better than a year ago, even 10 years ago though it’s still a slow process. If you keep doing something right for like 10years, there’s no way you won’t get noticed, there’s a lot of talent and a lot be discovered.

  • Any challenges?

         Hmmm.  Yeah, I had a lot. Personally, as a fashion designer, mixing fashion design with school and age, most people still call me “the 18 year old designer” .I’d laugh later but …. My first runway; I was 17 turning 18. It was pushed 3days backwards because I had exams. The picture in your head can never be relayed down directly, so that’s also a challenge.

  • Horizon Inc. is really looking into the fashion trends now. What’s your take?

I think it’s a really good thing. Don’t think it’s a good thing but great thing ‘cos people need to know the trends. i think the trends are like food; you don’t have to take everything on the table,  you take what suits you. Less is more. it’s nice to touch up on trends and colours. not  everybody works with maxi dresses, gladiators, colour blocking… I think this will push fashion in C.R.S.

  • We believe that  ‘ you are addressed  the way you are dressed’. So, looking at the society now, do you think people are getting it right or wrong?

That’s a trick question. Sincerely, I  think they are all getting it twisted… majority. Reason? people not knowing the right thing to wear” I was going to carry an orange sling today and I dropped it. You can’t make all the trends work for you. *laughs* they should go to court for this kind of thing.

  • What’s a typical “Nkari day” like?

*chuckles* sincerely, I find it hard to be… occasionally, I’m stable, in a place where I have nothing to do, else, *shakes head*. I always have a to-do-list, if I don’t have, I’m completely messed up. Waking up early-when I have to work, late- when I’m laid back. Trying to get everything on my list done, underline trying!

  • Where do you see yourself in five years?

Honest truth: I’ll be doing fashion all my life. In some part of the world, hassling models;  I want to have kids…marriage, it’s on the list but I look at it as a commitment thing..

  •  what’s the most expensive thing in your wardrobe?

I actually never thought of that…I don’t want to sound cocky but I’m caught between a lot. I’ll have to skip this one!

  • Most treasured?

It has to be my black bag. I love my bags.

  • What would you not be caught wearing?

Hmmm! A lot. I would never be caught dead or alive wearing another colour of jeans apart from blue, black or nudes. Never ever! There’s this rubber colour block bow slippers/sandals, some have bubbles instead of bows and… hehehe, that’s enough.

  •  What do you never leave your house without?

My earphones.

@ 7:04

We are almost done.

  •  What inspired the name “NEVE DYERI”?

Your blog is the first place I will say this. My brand name is, ‘Nkari Neve Dyeri’. fashion label is Neve Dyeri. I’m basically trying to put a brand together that’s how everything I think is beautiful. I’m trying to diversify. I’ll let you in on the diversities.

Nkari Neve Dyeri



  • Any last words?

My final words… I think what you are doing is very beautiful sincerely. Obviously, this publication is going to be read by a lot of people. I really hope that you send a message out there basically on clothing:  being able to be creative and not general submission. Don’t think that because colour blocking is ‘the fashion’,  if you aren’t in, you are probably not among the elite. People should set their own standards and not limit themselves to what the society is showcasing. Think out of the box or displace the box altogether. hehe!



One thought on “The 18 year old Designer.

  1. Uhm ah love d age even wen d face is older__d mindset d courage__fashion__yur fashion n its designz r great__keep up and who knows wah yur 2mao wee look like

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