Girls versus women pt.2

yeah, yeah, i know…i’mlate… but it’s a girl’s way…lol

putting the ‘women’ bit of the ‘Girl versus Woman’ blog took longer than i thought, but i’m done finally… comparing both articles, i would say that women are more complicated but i’ll rather leave you to be the judge.

so, here’s what you need to know about women…

  • Women like wild, rugged men as boyfriends because they are unpredictable and exciting. But for marriage they want responsible, level-headed and reliable men.
  • With ONE look at a man’s shoes, women can decide everything about him.
  • “NO” could sometimes mean “YES” if you know what to do.
  • A romantic weekend at a nice hotel means to a woman what a reserved seat at a football game means to a man.
  • Womenknow whenaman islying,but might just overlook it for love.
  • nothing says ‘ilove you’ like thoughtful,unsolicited notes, texts,twitter mentions or pings ondays that are NOT special.
  • We know when you sneak glances at other women no matter how smart you think you are.
  • Our job is just as stressful, serious and insignificant as yours.
  • Listening to our hopes, dreams, fears, insecurities without interrupting even if it’s for the 1,000th time, makes us feel we are the centre of your universe where we belong.
  • Once we catch you in a lie, we store it in a long-term memory for future retrieval.
  • There is no such thing as too many clothes or being too old to dress it up!
  • There is NO such thing as TOO MANY SHOES!
  • Sometimes, we do not hit the clouds in bed and you won’t be able know.
  • Birthdays and anniversaries are very serious so there is no justification for forgetting. Only serious amends will pacify us.
  • Pillow talk is special, sacred and secret. Repeating it to anyone is grounds for break-up.
  • Betrayals are never erased; they are only tied away in our hearts deeply and permanently.
  • There are certain weekend destinations that never go out of style, like your place arranged and equipped to look like a mini-Sheraton.
  • A great hairdo can make us glow, a bad one; not to be joked about.
  • Chronic lying, unemployment and unexplained disappointment are automatic romance breakers.

womansi’ll end on this note; Girl or woman, you just have to love the females of the world!!!

i should work on ‘BOYS vs MEN’…. maybe,maybe

stay AWESOME, girls and women!!


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