“Heading to the top is something I anticipate. Never try to judge me ‘coz no-one is immaculate…”

Music is fast becoming more than just a hobby in this our age. Everybody wants to stress their vocal cords in a bid to make “good music”.

In every corner of this fast evolving world today, more people are indulging in the art of making music thus, following in the footsteps of big shots like L.O.S, Choc Boiz, and other male music groups. ICEHOOD is one of such groups.

ICEHOOD is a group of four friends who share a common talent: they all rap.  As individuals, they are,

  • Osaretin Irogue (Sarzay), a 100level computer science student in University of Lagos.
  • Ore Akinwole(Taydray), also a 100 level computer science student but  in Yaba Tech.
  • Adika Tochukwu (Tee-A), a 200 level law student in University of Lagos.
  • Adika Ifeanyi (Sleek-D), a 300 level philosophy student in University of Calabar.

Basically, they all rap and have chosen the party jams and R ‘n’B as their preferred genres of music. Their hit track titled “On that” reflects their dreams and ambitions.  They say the inspiration behind the song was just their dreams. “We are gonna make it one day and those who doubt us should not be surprised when it happens”, says Sleek-D .


The song, which was recorded in Lagos and produced by the Funk Master is a 3:22 min song and I may not be a perfect music critic, but I can say they nailed this one. Believe me, it’s a must-add to your playlist.

So when you see them on your TV, don’t get surprised because they’re “on that”!!

click on download to get the song.


you could also follow them on twitter @Icehood,@Tay_Dray, @sarzay, @sleekDwayne.



Style is an attitude.


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