My college life.

Pitch black darkness! The type you could see nothing in. NEPA and their wahala. I must have over slept.. Means i Won’t be able to sleep again 4 a long while. Oh well,, i might as well read.. Now where’s that phone?! Found it!! ..and its dead.. Times like this i hate being a blackberry  user. Only option, crawl on all fours and get the rechargeable lamp. Found that easily. I need fuel oo. PHCN can’t be trusted and is it just me or did it get hotter?!
Money, fuel gallon, house keys lock door, gate and I’m out. Living in school had its perks. This wasn’t one of them. My folks handle fuel and generator at home. This was leaving a huge hole in my pocket.
There was light on the street amazingly. Why did my battery have to die now? This would have been the perfect time to enjoy my playlist.
U-Jimco! God bless you for me, I didn’t have to walk very far. Fuel found! Little or no queue. Many other gallon holders! Placing mine at the back of the gallon queue, I cursed NEPA again 4 my dead battery.
Completely zoning out and thinking of my long tiring boring lectures filled day, headlights almost blinded me. Then, i looked down and realized it was almost my turn. Whoop!
Turning my head, iSaw the car behind the blinding headlights and the almost cute driver. Must be his dads! Typical callie mentality *r.m.e* How dare the arrogant daddy’s boy try to blind me!
“Abeg, I just need a top up”
“We’re only selling to gallons”
Opens boot “there’s none here. Abeg, i can’t get home. I go find you something”
“Bros we nor dey sell”
“Why did you let a car drive in?”
“Oga, I no know as the boy take enter”
“Ah Navi! Its you.” Turning to the attendant “Sell to him, na my oga son”
Navi and the manager shake hands and make a little small talk while the attendant fills his tank. Thought he only wanted a top up: show off!
Alas, twas finally my turn.
“How much?”
“Ten liters”
Now I remember where I’ve heard the name before. He’s in my department. Totally cool, a senator’s son learning to rough it. And here I am wearing shorts and a tee that shouldn’t see the outside world with my hair all over the place and not a dot of make up on my face. Cool story sis!  Awesome story even.
I pay the attendant and carry my now heavy gallon and begin the slow walk home. Usually I’m not scared of this road but it was deserted still lit tho so I could at least see. Had I spent that much time at the station?
Headlights, slow moving car. Really slow moving car, right behind me. Should I be scared? “Just keep walking” I said to myself, preparing to scream my lungs out.
Car is right beside me now *music* volume decreases, windows get rolled down..
I finally turn to at least get a look at my supposed killer? Trailer? Attacker?
“Lemme give you a ride, its really dark and I can see you can handle yourself perfectly but i won’t feel safe”
I hop in with the gallon.
“The Ac will pollute the air, let me put it in the boot?”
“I’m almost home though, thanks”
“I insist”
Minutes later we’re moving really slowly while Navi sings along with Davido.
“Oh bummer! We’re here already?”
“Yes, thanks a lot”
I hop out and Navi does same, gallon out.
“See ya”
“Yeah, ciao!”
I hurry to get the gen started, charge my phone and call my best friend!
“Zina! You sleeping?”
“Yes, I’m dream-speaking! Been tryna call you since you left class, are you okay? Wait,, you sound excited! What happened”
“You know me too well.. I’m fine, had a really long nap. You won’t believe who gave me a ride home…”


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