My College Life S1/E3

I swore under my breath and wished i had gotten away faster… Stopping, I turned with this really huge fake grin to find Navi standing behind me, dressed in a navy blazer, light blue shirt and black skinny jeans.. He looked “hot”. oops! I said that out loud.
Navi, smiling said “thanks! You don’t look bad yourself”
“Used to getting compliments, aren’t you?”
“I can never get used to them. We all appreciate the good things of life”
“Bragging much?”
“I wouldn’t call it that. Shall we dance?”
“I really shouldn’t, I’m not really good”
“I’m excellent and would cover up for both your left feet”
“Doesn’t mean you should call me a klutZ”
Moving to the dance floor, I notice Zina who winks at me which I return with a grin.
Wakes up, looks at phone, turns to check clock.. 3am!
“Ekabong! Its 3am, I was just getting to the best part of my 2nd dream.”
*Pause* *silence* *Laughter* “thank goodness I woke you sef. Wake up jor! Big test tomorrow. You can sleep the weekend away”
“Are you expecting a thank you? cos I’m still mad at you for wearing a nicer dress than mine in the dream”
“You’ll buy the dress 4 me in real life, yh?”
“In your dreams!”
“Go study! I’ll check on you in 30minutes. No pinging oo”

Speaking of pinging, I had 10pings… Not important, bc, bc, bc, will reply in the morning, bc, bc, zina, new requests– Dreeeyy & spongebob.. Shrugs, Don’t know em..

Now where’s that book!??
*                            *                                *
“That man no try oo”
“At all..”
“Any how sha, God dey.”
Zina was gisting with the people she sat close to during the test while I waited for her.
“How was it?” She asked when we got to the stairs.
“How do you think?”
“Since you’re in a mood, not good!”
“You guessed right”
“Thank God its Friday! You’re taking me to Mayfair? Or wine bar? Or jaspers?”
“Wherever you want to go, babe”
“Cheer up, its only 10marks”
“Your lousy attempt to make me feel better isn’t working Zina!”
“Hallelujah somebody! she called me Zina..”
We walked on in silence.. Maybe i shouldn’t have been so harsh.. Its just that the test was really confusing. 25 Objective questions with confusing options to answer in 15minutes. The time wasn’t enough. *sigh* it is only 10marks though!
“If I can’t make you smile I see a car owner who can” Zina interrupted my thoughts
“Who? I really want to go home and this sun is hot!”
“Edikan! your other boyfriend”
“How many boyfriends have you dashed me since we met?”
“I’m doing what any good friend would”
“Your free ride is driving away” I let out
“Not for long, I’m calling him”
“That’s my phone maam, give it back”
“Hello! Please reverse let me join you to the gate” pause “okay thanks!” “Take your phone”
* * *
Home sweet home! Didn’t think of the loneliness when I told Ekabong I didn’t need company. She’ll understand. Now time for a quick nap!
“Hello babez!”
“Yo! Sleeping beauty! There’s gist oo”
“Now fully up! All ears, lay it on me!”
“Navi has a girlfriend! Some chick in our school. Another department though.”
“Are you seriously kidding me! Oh well,, I wasn’t interested anyway!”
“Thank God for that ‘cos I heard she’s a fighter and I called to tell you if you try and she comes to fight,, amma run”
“Ekabong Zina Henshaw! You are a coward!”
*she laughed hard and hung up.


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