My College Life S1/E4

I was almost not in the mood for this man’s class after that “win-the-war” test .  My parent’s money shall not waste!

“How far? This one you wore a fine dress today, better dey?”

“Ekabong! Behave yourself!”

“Sorry, ma’am”

This girl is something, i thought to myself as i squeezed into the space she had created for me in the midst of 5 other people. The heat that emanated from the small space could fry enough yams to feed a nation. All through the class, i thought about my date with Navi. I had been careful to keep the gist from Zina but it was hanging at the tip of my tongue, waiting to be spilled. I tried to construct answers to possible questions she would ask and braced myself for anything.

“Thank God! After that kind of test, he’s coming to talk new things!  Mscheew!”  Turning to face me, she said, “ Ehen! Start talking!” Zina had finally let herself go. I laughed hard because I knew the strength she had put into holding herself throughout the class. Noticing her straight face, I braced myself and started talking.

“Navi asked me out…” I peered at her for a facial reaction. When she started struggling to keep a calm disposition, I continued, “if you didn’t squeeze your face as if you are constipated, I would have known you were someone else.” She laughed hard.

“He’s taking me to errr…. I dunno yet sha. But he said lunch and then he had questions for me. That’s it sha, do I look okay?”

“As u dressed as if you had a dinner date with Prince Harry. You look ‘over-okay’, sis. So wait oo, this secret love you two have been playing? If he asks you out na?”

“As in, to be his girlfriend? I think he has one already.”


“Yep!  Hah! I cannot be No.2 o! I’ll just friendzone him.”

“Friendzone ko, Zone6 ni.  Abegi! It is when this date will happen at that Eka Okon’s bar at yellow duke, that’s when your eye will open.”

“stupid girl!!” she was already laughing hysterically and i couldn’t help but to join in.

  • * * * *

“Aunty date! How’d it go?”

“The boncom took me to his house and the maid cooked for us. It was cool after all. But he asked me out…”

“I told YOU!!!”

“Let me finish! And I said yes!”

There was no reply so i figured Zina had fainted after i told her what transpired during my date with Navi.  Some fifteen minutes later, there was a perplexed girl staring down at me as i lay calmly on the bed.

“But you said you wouldn’t, Womi!” she began, almost crying.

“Calm down, ekabong. He’s a good guy.”

“Tero is good, Bette is good, Navi just has bad written all over him!”

“Well, love is blind!” At this point, Zina was pacing up and down the room with her hands on her head. The girl knew how to be dramatic. “Turns out the girl is his cousin, so he’s free.”

“Cousin ko, sister ni. I don’t trust that dude o! You should’ve let it simmer for a while. You should have.”

“ Zina! It’s fine! Trust me!”

“ I pray oo! I pray!”



3 thoughts on “My College Life S1/E4

  1. Lol @“Friendzone ko, Zone6 ni.  Abegi! It is when this date will happen at that Eka Okon’s bar at yellow duke, that’s when your eye will open.”… Choi

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