30 minutes with Fredstasha…



It’s very rare to find boys that “don’t care” about fashion but still get it right, work but still have a highly active social life and also cherish family. Yeah! They are almost extinct, probably endangered for now, lol. Well, Frederick Bassey a.k.a Fredo or Stasha is one of those dudes. So, for the ladies that have been asking if such guys still exist, here’s your answer in flesh and bones.
Chakie and I caught up with Fred, who despite his apparently busy schedule spared us 30mins that we refused to waste.
At about 1pm, while he settled into a chair in the lounge at the Transcorp Hotels, we began.
Hello, tell us about yourself briefly, please.
*laughs* I don’t actually know fashion as she was saying… my name is Frederick Bassey. I work with Transcorp Hotels. I live in Calabar. I come from Cross river state. I’m a graduate of Marketing. I’m also a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing. *ummmm*.I’m the third of five children. My parents’ name: Engr. & Mrs B. H. Bassey.
So, you’re a Marketer. For how long now? Any Challenges?
6years. Basically, where I’m working presently, we have a low locally sustainable market which is not enough to sustain our business which is basically an environmental factor.
Horizon Inc. Is really looking into the fashion culture in CRS. What’s your take?
To me, I think most importantly, people are not too fashion conscious but are, in a way, because they copy from other parts of the world or Nigeria. We rarely have people doing creative fashion. We are always second; doing the fashion after people have done it. The societal point of view is so low. People don’t know where, when and how to wear what.
How fashion conscious are you?
On a scale of 100%, I’d say 50%. When you say fashion, let’s differentiate between being fashionable and being fashion conscious. I’m very conscious of what I wear but not too fashionable.
The fashion trend (colour blocking) in CRS, how would you rate it?
We’re actually backward like I said earlier. On colour blocking, it’s nice no doubt but personally, *sighs* I really don’t know who came up with that.
“You are addressed the way you are dressed”, how true is this adage?
In some situations, it depends on where you are going to. That’s my opinion.
Now to your personals… what’s a typical “Frederick” day like?
Basically, *clears throat* I wake up, come to work forasmuch as I know, I work, sit on the bar for like 20minutes at the end of the day, make 4 or 5 calls; all to the benefit of my career… I also make sure I take a picture with my baby at home.
What designer labels do you patronize most?
Generally, Zara, Calvin Klein, Cesare Paciotti, Terre d’Hermes. Don’t take out Polo Ralph, I beg you.
What is the most expensive item in your wardrobe?
*uhhhh* *clears throat* I think it’s my pair of Cesare Paciotti shoes… NAH!!! I think the Calvin Klein suit is more like it.
• What’s the most treasured item?
Apparently, the cost of the suit makes it the most treasured.
• What would you not be caught wearing?
*laughs loud* this pair of trousers, what’s it called??? Yeah! Mc Hammers.
• Do you think Horizon Inc. Is pursuing an innovative idea?
Yeah! I think absolutely because what you’re doing is to promote your goal which is to promote fashion awareness, I think you should keep it up and add to it. There are consumers that have money and don’t know where to shop so you could work on that too.



• Where would you consider the fashion capital of Nigeria?
*hmmm* Lagos oo! Las gidi.
• Any last words?
Wow! We’re done. I think this is very creative of you guys and I hope you keep it up ‘cos people have to know what’s happening in the fashion world and also step up. I have to run for a meeting now. This was fun. Take care.

The 30minutes with Stasha was worthwhile. No doubt, a remarkable pointer is his dress sense and some of his close friends reiterated that.

Daniel a.k.a Natti said, “He has a very, very, very good sense of dressing and fashion. For me, he’s one of the best.”

Akay-Brizzle added, “He has a good dress sense and above all, even if you wear anything expensive or cheap, it should fit, good or bad. And 90% fits him. So he can be a fashion icon to other youths.”




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