My College Life S1/E5

It was very unusual for me to hide things from Zina and I felt terrible about it. I pondered as I readied myself for laundry. Why exactly was I putting her through all that? Why on earth was I doing this “secret (and almost imaginary) affair” with Navi in the first place? I blew out a breath and lifted the basket of dirty clothes to the laundry triangle. As the water poured into the pump, I thought of Navi. He was tall with rich brown skin complexion and black hair that seemed tough. He had sultry eyes and an accent that hinted he was from the Northern part of Cross River. He was in the same department as me, only a year ahead. He had a possessive side to him as well as a soft and insecure side- typical rich kid. Was he really worth it?
As I washed, I thought of my zero in ten chances that I had with Navi and quickly asked myself why I even cared. I was sure to remind myself of his “cousin”. Whenever I mentioned her, he seemed to struggle to keep his slate clean.
“Are you washing for Africa?”
Zina had shown up just in time to help me with rinsing and we made jokes at ourselves while we hung the clothes out. After laundry, we settled for a movie.
“So, Womi, what’s the real deal with this Navi dude?” Zina began after much contemplation.
“Funny you’d bring that up now, Zina. First off, I’d like to know why you were so beat. What do you know that I don’t?”
“Apparently, everything you are trying to overlook deliberately. He’s a big time player and is one of the biggest crooks known to mankind. He’s wrong in more ways than one. He’s …”
“Not my boyfriend.”
She blinked twice and screwed up her face but remained silent. I continued,
“There was no date yesterday. I was to see him though, but he didn’t show up and I don’t know if the girl is his cousin. I thought you were hiding something so I wanted you to talk”
“You are mad! Anyways, he’s dating one Amaka girl or so I heard. Be careful with him sha before you ruin my reputation afterall, tis d sister to the mad person that feels the shame.’
“So for real, you believed I’d accept to date a guy on the first date?”
“Why are you talking like you haven’t done crazier things?”
“Me? Crazy? Abeg oh!”
“No!! Me! Ode! Snap out of this your Navi crush, biko. We have a test on Monday!”

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