My College Life S1/E6

It was a rather hot evening and i was extremely happy because I was understanding what i read as I looked through the notes from the day’s class and compared it with my textbooks. It made more sense than it did in class.
Hopefully, it comes out in the exam. I thought to myself as i flipped a page.
Just then, my phone vibrated.
I didn’t know the number. To take this call or not… Who was I kidding? my phone hadn’t rung all day.
“Hello!” said a male voice I couldn’t place over the receiver
“Hello! Who’s this please?”
“Don’t you have my number?”
“Apparently not.”
“Its Navi but I have another number. Thought you had this one. Its my private line. Don’t give it to anyone.”
“Aii… So, why’d you call me?”
“I can’t call you without a reason?”
“It’s not in your way of doing things.”
“I’ll ignore that. You don’t know me though… Are you home?”
“Yes, I Am.”
“Okay, I’m outside your gate, hurry out.”

The line went dead. I stared at the phone, wondering if that was some kind of prank. Navi, at my gate?
“I hope this boy isn’t just pulling my legs”
Against my better judgment, I left on the bum shorts and big tee I had on and walked outside. I looked around for a while and just as I was about to give up and turn back, he appeared from around the corner.
“Where’s your car?”
“That’s how you welcome the love of your life? Parked afar off, paparazzi”
“Love of my life ke?  I wish!” my face flushed.
“Big teddy! How girly..” He said as we entered my house
“I’m sure if we raid your house, you’d still have a couple stuffed animals”
“Its not in my way of doing things.”  I hissed at his sacarsm.
“Can I offer you anything?”
“You wouldn’t have what I want, but water would do, thanks”
We gisted for a bit, rattling back and forth while he drank his cold water.
“Sorry, I have to take this call”
“Go ahead” I replied and listened in on his end of the conversation
“Where’d you drop your phone?………… Oh okay, I guessed……. I waited a while…… So you’re ready now?….. I’m out, what sorta question is that?…… Don’t worry, I’ll be there in seconds”
“Going already?”  I said standing up.
“Yes, really urgent stuff. Did I mention you have gorgeous legs?” He said standing a little too close for comfort.
“Nope, I’m sure I would have remembered you complimenting someone other than yourself” Now I noticed as he inched a little bit closer.
“A thank you would do ‘cos your legs are hot.. You should wear shorts to school” Now we were a hair’s breath apart.
“Yes, I would. so no one will lis__” my sentence got cut short by Navi’s cold lips on mine…
After catching my breath, I immediately asked,

“What was that for?” I could hear myself but the way he looked at me with a raised eyebrow made me know he didn’t hear me.

“The ‘thank you’ in ‘kind’” he laughed as i screwed up my face.

“I’ll call you later, dear.” He said as his phone started beeping and ran out.

“Bye!” I called out.

What is this boy doing to my brain? WHAT!

“He’s messing with it, that’s what! Your village people have sent him as a distracting spirit this exam period.”

Zina and my cousin, Uma had come over some 30 minutes after i sent out a distress call of boredom. I had just narrated my “Navi” story to them and Zina was being a fool as always. I had never seen an unassuming person such as her.

“Zina! Your mouth can never utter serious things!!!”

“Uma, mind yourself oo!! I’m a serious girl jor!!”

“Anyway, describe the kiss abeg. I haven’t kissed in, er… a while.”

“it was just there!”

“na wa! He’s a bad kisser, then.”

“what should I do? Are we dating or not?”

“Because of one kiss? Farabale oo!!!”

“Be there forming ‘daughter of a linguist’”

“See this boy oo!! Why are you putting your mouth in girl talk? No be FIFA13 matter be this oo!”

“ Don’t mind him!”

“I surrender”


“Ehen! Madam, one kiss doesn’t mean anything. I don’t know whether it’s that you are desperate to be in a relationship or whether it is just Navi you ‘want’ sha, but calm down for Jesus. One fantasy at at time. Be like me, i’m just chilling… for Oscar, Walcott, and the likes.”

“Who are those?”

“Her real but imaginary potential boyfriends.”


Their play fights didn’t cheer me up. My mind was still soaring. In a bid to be at peace with myself, i sent a text to Navi saying, “Did that kiss mean anything to you?”

I lied to myself. That text didn’t make it better, it made it worse because for the next half an hour, i grabbed my phone at every beep to check if he had replied. Zina kept looking at me and i knew she was worried. But i couldn’t help it, i was desperate for an answer.

“No, not really. And to put you out of your misery, you don’t mean anything ‘extra’ to me, either. You’re just my friend. You know this.”

I froze as i read the last word of the text. I was in a worse mood than  I was while expecting the reply the last 45 minutes.


Uma was hysterical after reading the text. Zina was still trying her best to be a “shoulder”. I felt terrible. How could i have expected so much? What came over me? But then again, it was over. The Navi drama was over. i’d probably hate myself for a while. but as i stared at how hard Zina struggled to keep calm and how Uma couldn’t even try, i knew that there’d still be better days. Navi just wouldn’t be a part of those days.



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