My College Life S1/E7

I was still in a sour mood. i had spent half of the Saturday thinking about my apparent ignorance.. it was still ineffable. The loneliness was also adding to my misery. instead of drowning in all the thoughts, i got up, had a quick bath after which i dried myself and came to stand in-front of my dresser. Ruched skirt or jeans, i thought.
After about 30 minutes of prep, i was in a cab and heading to MCC. it had been a while since i had gone to the place that was probably my best hangout spot- Aqua Center. I hoped silently that this would help me out of my bad mood.
” He’s here!”
“Go and say hi na, shoo?”
“I don’t like you!”
so, I was welcomed to the pool side by Navi and a group of friends who were apparently hanging out and having fun. I cursed silently and braced myself. i settled into a table that was quite far from theirs, ordered for a can of diet coke and a pack of cigarettes.  It’d been a while since i lit a stick. as i lit the stick, i felt the hair at the back of my neck stiffen. Someone was staring at me.
“oh Dear! let it not be that idiot!”
i managed a smile as he halted in-front of me. He was still really cute and irresistible.
“Hi, i didn’t know you to be a smoker.” he began.
“There’s a lot to me you don’t know, darling.”
“Hmm! cold attitude. Period?”
“So, you have sisters huh?”:
“No, i know a lot of girls.”
“Hugh Hefner’s Son maybe?”
“Is it period or not?”
I stared at him quietly then replied, “Not.”
“So, what’s up?” he continued as he sank deeper into the chair and took a stick from my pack.
I was tempted to make a dry joke, but i restrained the urge.
“You are quite a conceited dude!”
“I know ‘cos you know, i know a lot of girls.’
“So, when they are in a bad mood, it’s you?’
He smirked and shook his head.
“Womi!” he laughed, “you’re not worried about our relationship, are you?”
Cold shivers ran down my spine and i almost choked. I quickly gulped down a mouthful of my coke and tightened my smile.
“Why would i be?”
“Listen, we’re cool. really cool.”
“If you say so.”
We both got quiet as if to take in all the bits of the dialogue, staring at each other. Then it hit me, a ‘friend with benefits‘ wouldn’t be so bad. Navi wasn’t totally a bad idea after-all since i was not really ready to go into another serious relationship but i still had ‘needs’ which could very well be satisfied by Navi.
Womi, do you want this for real?
“so, what”s up for the rest of today? we could ditch the boys and drive uptown, what say ye?”
“so you read King James bible?”
“hahaha! no jor! i”m a Living bible owner.”
” i see. okay.”
“we should go?”
“yeah. i can smoke in your car right?”
he laughed.


“What is it? why are you calling me in the late night times? you no dey sleep?”
“Wake up and listen!”
“ahn ahn! is tonight Prison break?”
“Will you always be this daft?”
“Yes! how far? which route?”
*sigh* “Navi!”
“He broke in?”
“Calm down first na!! he took me out.”
“For court marriage?”
“Yes! Boncom! No jor ___”
“Make up your mind na.. yes, no, are you Banky W?”
“We kissed!”
The line went dead. Zina had probably died.


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