Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s Nomzy J!!!

Nomzy(ESC Fanzone and Aerobics Co-ordinator) and some Eastsiders

Nomzy(ESC Fanzone and Aerobics Co-ordinator) and some Eastsiders


I always knew there was more than meets the eye when it came to this particular dude and this interview was just the proof i needed in black and white.  For those of you that know… “You’re welcome to the Mayfair Lounge! we’ve got  DJ Picasso MVP and El Magnifico Dj Dallax on the wheels of Steel and i still remain your host, N-O-M-Z-Y..oosshhhee!” lol! This interview lasted for about an hour and trust me, it was enough time for this born and raised in Gidi igbo boy to sell himself. 😀

Chinonso Nwanah

Chinonso Nwanah

Nomzy and Snow White

Nomzy and Snow White

  • A  brief intro… tell us about you.

Hmmm…where do I start? My name is Chinonso Nwanah and my nickname is Nomzy. So, everyone chooses to call me Nomzy. Sometimes, i forget my personal name because I still tell some people my name is Nomzy when actually that’s my nickname. I am the C.E.O of Relinks Network Engineering Company and Relinks 360 Entertainment and i’m also marketing executive of The Mayfair Lounge here in Channel View Hotel, Calabar. I am a network professional and a computer engineer. So, Mayfair for me is passion, not  profession.  My company actually manages the marketing affair of Mayfair. I’m from a family of 5 kids and the normal Nigerian parents; man and wife. I have a brother and 3 sisters. I’m the first son of the house and the 2nd in the family. I attended Command secondary school, Lagos. So, I’m also referred to as commando. I went to Uni. At LASU. Social life: I’ve moved from place to place, I’m very  social. I even end up becoming very popular in most places sometimes not by choice.


  • You’ve been with Mayfair for how long now? Any challenges?

I joined Mayfair a month after it was started. Mayfair was opened in Dec.2010 and I joined Mayfair 20th of January then officially started as the Marketing executive of the place on February 1st.  I did simple test runs before starting officially. Challenges: Pretty much. Well, the good thing about me is I like challenges. The strength to face them is what God has blessed me with. I have encountered a lot during the course of running this place most of which include customer management and competition. We have to do extra work every time to keep the place running. And I can say, it’s been good so far, at least we are still in the business.

Advertising The Mayfair Lounge

Advertising The Mayfair Lounge


  • Horizon Inc. is really looking into the fashion culture in C.R.S. What’s your take?

I don’t know how to answer but I’ll say because Calabar is a tourism state and they have the culture of doing the carnival which is popular for fashion in December and there are a lot of fashion shows and stuff during that period, on a scale of 1-10, I’d say 7.They are putting up a good fight.

  • Do you feel something is missing?

Well, I was born and raised in Lagos. So, I’d say yes, a lot is missing. The “3” that lacks from the 10 shows they’re not very “there”. We need to do better. There’s always room for improvement. 

Roby Ekpo, On Point and NomzyJ

Roby Ekpo, On Point and NomzyJ

  • How fashion conscious are you?

Well, I know I am fashion conscious. Sometimes, I’m lazy. I don’t like to leave the house without the right color combination. I’m particular about how I look and what I wear. If I’m lazy to fix myself up, I’m lazy to go out.   

  • As a well-known entrepreneur, what are the extra-effects you put into staying on-top?

Hard work, first. It’s true what they say, if you don’t work, there’s no way you’d ‘chop’. Staying close to the public and very close to the patrons to try to build more clientele is also part of how we have been able to stay on-top. Basically, it’s just work all the way. I don’t think anyone sits down; it’s work all the way.

  • What has been your lowest point so far?

Hmmm… the days when I come or stay here and there’s no-one here. The beginning of the year so far has been my lowest days. Also, some major “weaker” week days because some week days are weaker than some.

Nomzy And Wande Coal

Nomzy And Wande Coal

  • NomzyJ


    And the highest point? 

December. Every single day in December is a high point for me. The only bad side to it is that it has health effects but most of the money is made in December. Because there are people coming in from outside town and it’s also a high point for DJs because the people that are around respond better to the music than usual because they are from out of town so the songs rock more.

  • Was this always your dream? Or would you rather be doing something else?

Okay, I’ll put it like this. I have lots of dreams. I’m someone who pencils down all my dreams. I have always wanted to do entertainment at the highest level and to do that, I had to start from doing something like this. I’ve been in this for I’d say 6 whole years now so  actually, it’s been part of my dreams and I’m glad to have come this far in that regards. I don’t know if I’d rather be doing something else, but some days are like that. I am actually because everything I do is in my area of professionalism. I’m into I.T and entertainment. So, I have two companies, one that does I.T which is RELINKS NETWORK ENGINEERING COMPANY and the other is RELINKS 360Entertainment that manages my ONLINE RADIO- the first and only in Calabar. The link for the online radio is We stream every club night in Mayfair for people to listen to the hype anywhere in the world.  I still have more to do before I grow old and probably retire.

  • How has business been so far?

On a scale of 1-10, 7. That’s good but it also means there’s room for so much more.

And now, to the Personals…

Nomzy receives Safari Award

Nomzy receives Safari Award

  • What’s a typical “Nomzy” day like?

Hmmm, wake up, bread and tea, go online and update new songs on my radio, speak to my parents, check on friends, chat on BBM, update on EASTSIDE SPORTS C LUB. I’m currently the fan club Coordinator so it’s my obligation to check on fans. Then, think about Mayfair. i do a lot of shows so I have to think and develop  new ones and end up playing games on my PS3 or go to a friend’s place. On the days I’m working, I come back to Mayfair.

  • What designer labels do you patronize most?

I don’t have specifics because a lot are good. There’s Versace, Levi’s, Tommy quite a lot. I like a lot of designers and I don’t think I can say which my best is.

Muna, White Nigerian And Nomzy

Muna, White Nigerian And Nomzy

  • What’s your definition of a perfect outfit?

One with a perfect combination of colors. Not too big or too small. I hate to be over-dressed. I’m a very simple person. I don’t think it’s a good fashion to “over-paint” for the ladies or wear contacts when you don’t have the right set of eyes. i think you should do stuff because it suits you and not ‘cos your friends are doing it.

  • What’s the most expensive item in your wardrobe?

My jacket because it cost me 45k.

  • And the most treasured?

My boxers and singlet because they must be worn. My jacket may be the most expensive, but it’s not the most important.

  • Are you in a relationship?

Currently, no.  I’m single. Most times, I like being single and most times, I miss being in a relationship and ‘woman trouble’. It’s 60-40.

  • Where do you see yourself in five years?

Controlling a multi-million dollar company owned by me and travelling a lot.

@ Fracis Ekpo's TM

@ Francis Ekpo’s TM

Dj Humilty, DJ Mixmaster and Nomzy

Dj Humilty, DJ Mixmaster and Nomzy

  • Roby Ekpo, Bello and Nomzy

    Roby Ekpo, Bello and Nomzy

    Any last words?

I want to thank God for having come so far. Last year was good because it ended well and with me emerging as the ‘Safari Creative Person of the year’. Thanks to Horizon Inc. for this interview. i want to commend you guys for the work. I know you guys will go a long way. I like your work, please keep it up. Next, to my fans and friends for being supportive and to everyone that musters courage to criticize. I thank the patrons of Mayfair, staff of the Mayfair Lounge, the owners and my superiors in Channel View; the staff of Relinks Network Engineering Company and Relinks 360 Entertainment. Special thanks to my family for being supportive as well.  If I forget anything, it won’t be my friends because they are always very supportive. If I mention any names and they eventually read your blog and they don’t see their names, there’ll hold it against me so, I’ll just generalize it. That’s all I think I have to say for now.

For blackberry, android and iPhone users,you can download the radio app to your phone here—> radio app download. Just follow the instructions and you are ready to join the Mayfair groove.

Nomzy And Adams (Soundcity) on the red carpet

Nomzy And Adams (Soundcity) on the red carpet

His contact info:

Twitter: @nomzyj, @real360radio. Facebook: IG: @nomzyj



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