Zina’s Story S2/E2

It was apparent that being a good ‘busy-body’ has its downs.  The 20 minutes drive to Niyi’s seemed to take forever.  As soon as we arrived, I packed the remains of my torn blouse careful to leave no cleavage exposed, said thanks to Amaka and walked in with Womi. Niyi was already at the door looking really worried. I feigned a smile.


“So, why are you now shouting my name?” I couldn’t hide the irritation.

“Womi, what happened? She’s obviously not in the mood”

“My dear, your girlfriend was forming ‘hero’ oo… two girls were fighting and she went to separate them and this was the end result.”

“So, my property was shown to the whole school”

I grimaced. “Which property?”

“You know na… the twins.”

I was gradually getting infuriated. Womi kept mocking me as she and Niyi chatted away. I distracted myself by raiding Niyi’s closet in search of something that would fit.

Niyi and I have been dating for about a year. He is a total sweetheart and I really love him.  There have been many challenges but somehow we’ve held on to each other for this long. Firstly, we stay on opposite ends of town; I’m a student, and he’s a graduate. He’s tall and I’m short. I attract more boys than he would like but he has no choice; I’m a fine girl. My life’s a bit complicated. I’m very laid-back, fun-loving, and donnish and all those characteristics a girl would use to qualify her but sometimes I’m just a regular girl. I live with my folks. I have an elder brother that lives in Italy. My best friend is Womi. She’s just the best. I’m Zina and this is my story.

Back to reality, Womi and Niyi were still laughing and making noise. Having found a white tee that would fit, I was a little relaxed.

“Ehen! Since when did my twins become ‘your property’?”

“Zina, you like trouble too much. They are my Twins! I named them already, you know these things, stop pretending…”

“Hehehe! You’re just a rat.”

“I agree. So, I guess your days as a referee are over”

“Long gone.  What did you eat? I’m hungry.”

“Bread. There’s still some in the fridge.”

“I don’t want bread.”

“Kpele! That’s all I have unless you’ll go and get noodles”

“Honey, I’m here…”  An unfamiliar voice announced and an even more unfamiliar person appeared some seconds after. Niyi flinched and jumped up almost immediately and introduced her.

“Meet my cousin”, he said.

I wasn’t entirely comfortable with the way he acted but I shrugged it off and smiled warmly at the girl. She was about Womi’s height, meaning I was taller than her, dark, she had a peaceful smile and seemed a bit shy.

“What’s her name?” Womi asked, as I hadn’t still said anything.

“My name’s Kate.” She responded coldly.

“She’s very shy…” Niyi defended

“And not friendly” I added.

He managed a smile. The girl sank into an arm chair and started fiddling with her phone. Niyi laid on the floor and was apparently restless. I stared at him and wondered why.



3 thoughts on “Zina’s Story S2/E2

  1. This is interesting, and I only usually read tech articles online but this is beautiful thus far, can’t wait to read the remaining part of it. Kudos

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