Zina’s Story S2/E3

School was becoming a lot more tense with exams just around the corner. As I walked into the hallway, everywhere went dead. I immediately checked my fly. Seeing it was in place, I wondered why everyone was staring at me.
‘Hey…’ Navi was speaking to me for the first time ever.
‘You seem to have an answer to my un-asked but obvious question.’ I began, wasting no time with pleasantries.
‘Yeah, half of the people here don’t believe your “twins” were actually that big and the other half is praying silently for a replay but hey, you did good.’ And he strolled off.
Navi is my friend’s….. Pardon me, I don’t really have a word to describe their relationship. I’ll just say they are friends. He’s the boy that caused the fight that led to the exposure of a great deal of my cleavage. And now, everyone was pretty pleased to see me.
Just great! I try to run from attention but it keeps pursuing me.
It has never been hard for me to put up a poker face, today was not going to prove different. I totally ignored everyone and made it to my destination- the secretary’s counter.
“Morning sir, please I need my exam schedule.”
“Morning dear. It’s quite bold of you to put on that blouse to school.”
I let out a short laugh and replied, “‘sir, I really am ‘too cool for school’.”
“Okay oo. That will be two hundred naira.”
“Thank you.”
I was officially free till the 29th of July-the day I’m to start exams. Seeing no need to loaf around school, I started to stroll towards the gate. I cursed the forming clouds as I sauntered.
“Are you seriously going to walk this distance? Have you seen the clouds?”
“And you are?”
“A concerned passer-by”
“Mscheew! Busy-body! Am I complaining?”
“It looks like it’ll rain. Let me give you a ride, please.”
“It’s because you have a car na… And you can speak english. Please, I’m fine.”
While forming tough girl, I began to feel water dropping on me, it was beginning to drizzle. I came to a halt, let out a long hiss and entered the stranger’s car.
“Thanks stranger.”
“Please, my name’s Ighodalo. What’s yours?”
Should I lie?
“Sounds like an Ijaw name. ”
“Ijaw ke? Nope.”
“Ah, Yoruba girl”
“Well, I’m from Benin. I live partially in Anambra state and here, partially.”
“I work with Addax Ltd.”
“We oil company workers get shuffled a lot”
He looked at me as if to read an expected expression off my face but I didn’t give off any. I smile inside though, OIL MONEY!!
‘So where are you headed?”
“Home, Asari Eso.”
“Alright… Almost there”
I stared out the window as we drove in utter silence till it was time to offer directions. He pulled up two blocks away from my house and I quickly jumped out of the car. I said thanks and started walking away when he honked.
“How about lunch tomorrow?” He asked as I got back to his car.
“Are you studying law?”
“Answer me first.”
“You look like someone I’d like to know better”
“Wash me. Fine, lunch tomorrow.” He smiled and handed me his phone to enter my number. I did so and returned the phone after which I resumed my walk. I was smiling unconsciously. It’d been a while since I’d met someone-that was nice at first instance-and wasn’t worried about what Niyi would do or say. Sometimes I detest how popular he is.
I hadn’t even heard from the Niyi all day. While I slumped into my bed, I dialled his number and it rang till the end. I tried again and finally gave up. Just then, Ighodalo called.
“Hey, I’m glad I saw you today. You seem like a really cool person.”
He knew the right things to say and that was good. I visualized him in my head : Quite fair with a great build, sort of tall (can’t be so sure), rich black hair, he had a radiant smile, a funky haircut which showed he could be a fun person, he was quite chatty meaning he was not shy… I could learn to get used to having someone like him around. I wondered what Womi was up to, then I thought of school…the number of people that had seen me half-nude. I shuddered at the thought and eventually drifted to sleep. Hopefully, I’d dream of a perfect dress for my lunch date tomorrow.


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