Zina’s Story S2/E4

I love a man that knows how to treat a woman. Who knows when to pop up with a gift or when to take her out for ice-cream or a romantic dinner, I love all that. But like most girls can relate to, such guys are becoming extinct. Thank God I’ve got Niyi.

As much as I’d say I’m a serious student, I really loved the idea of free time from school. Despite the fact that exams were fast approaching, I still liked having to do nothing in the mean time. Niyi and I were watching a movie together while eating junk he had brought with him. It’d been a while since I’d had ice-cream and i was grateful for the company as well. We shared some small talk. He kept asking how ready i was for the upcoming exams, asked about my friend and we just kept talking.

“When is your mum coming back?”

“Next week.” I replied carelessly.

When he remained mute, i looked away from the TV screen and at him and asked, “what is it?”

“Both of your parents are out of town and you didn’t tell me?”

Now it was my turn to play dumb. I really didn’t want him to know my parents were out of town because then, he’d want me to sleep over at his house or do something I wouldn’t want to do and seeing as I was relatively weak for him, I figured it’d be best if I kept shut.

“I thought I had mentioned my dad was out of town.”  I said finally, cautiously.

“Yes, but you didn’t mention your mum was too.” He stated, peering at me.

“Really? I meant to, it probably skipped my mind when we spoke yesterday.” I lied and smiled softly.

If there was anything I knew it was that Niyi was weak for my smiles. He pulled me closer and kissed me. Works like a charm. The kiss was rather long. That was when i realized that there were sweeter things than ice-cream. His hands, consciously or unconsciously, started roaming the length my blouse. I smiled between a kiss and closed my eyes, kissing him deeper.

Just then, my phone rang.

“Are you going to take that?” he asked, reluctantly.

“You know it’s my mum.” My words came out in whispers.

“Mummy… yes, mummy… no, mummy… okay, mummy…”

Probably how all calls to/from mothers go in the 21st century? I noticed a missed call from Ighodalo and remembered we had a lunch date. I thought of sending a text to cancel but I didn’t. Not yet, I’d cancel when he calls to remind me.  I dropped the phone and turned to Niyi who was probably staring at me the whole time with his lips pursed and a wicked smirk at the corners.

“What did mumsi say?”

“She was just checking” as my words trailed off, we resumed kissing.  My thoughts soared the distance of the Grand Canyon and back. There were several degrees of love but I was definitely at the climax already. I whimpered as he nibbled on my neck and let out short gasps. I shivered as parts of me became jealous of the attention the neck was getting and smiled as he knowingly proceeded down my chest. The vibration of his phone interrupted my gasps and shot me to earth. I sighed.

“I’m coming in 35 minutes.” That didn’t sound good at all having mentally calculated that that was about the time it’d take him to get to his house.

“Who was that?” I asked as he looked at me with the ‘I have to leave face’

“Errr, a friend that’s waiting for me at home.”

“Fidel? Bizzle?”

“No, you don’t know her, sweetie.”

I grimaced. Her?

“Kate. Right?”

He froze for half a second and chirped, “who?”

“Are you denying your cousin?”

“Oh!!” he was relieved. “Nah, it’s not her.”

“So it’s who? There’s another ‘her’ that is important enough to make you cut short a time with your girlfriend?”

“Sweetie, when you put it like that, you make it look bad.”

I blinked twice as he stood to straighten up. Was he being serious?

“Of course, it’s bad!!”

“Sweetie, I promise I’ll make it up to you. But first, I have to take a leak.”

I took a yoga position, pursed my lips and turned to his phone. I stared desperately at it and fought the urge of picking it up. It was definitely not a good thing to do, I didn’t want to know more or less than I knew and just then, the phone rang again. All the cells in my body shrunk and I remained lifeless at the sight of the caller. Until he dashed back into the room and snatched the phone off the chair, I couldn’t get a grip of myself. I stared up at him expecting his last words which came as no surprise.

“I’ll make it up to you, I promise.” With that, he was off.

Niyi looked at me and lied.  I didn’t know what to think say or do. I started giving myself reasons and excuses but it was becoming pretty obvious that Niyi and I were not looking in the same direction anymore.  What could have gone wrong all of a sudden?

“… Tofe, he lied to me. Niyi never lies to me.” I lamented to my brother over the phone.

“Men lie, women lie. Don’t make a big deal out of it. You said you two were in the middle of something, maybe he didn’t want to ruin your mood.”

“That does not make any sense, Tofe. Getting up to leave is what killed the mood. Leaving to go meet another girl is what buried it.”

“But why are you worried about the girl. You know her?”

“All I know is her name’s Kate and he said they were cousins.”

“And you think they are not?”

“I pray oo!”

“Just play cool. For him to leave like that there’s more to it. He might have a thing with the girl and is very cautious of it because of you. Be calm, sis.”

I sighed. “Thanks, Tofe. I’ll call later to check on you.”

“This time you only called to cry abi?”

“Yes ke! Bye bye.”

It was 1pm. I had a lunch date in an hour. Thank God for this distraction. Thank God I hadn’t cancelled.






3 thoughts on “Zina’s Story S2/E4

  1. D guy is harsh o,,,,@least he shud hav kissed ha well enuf b4 going,,,,tank God d gul has opportunity to get EVEN,,,NiCE 1 peeps,,,cant wait for d next story

  2. Loool….m rily loving dx story…z gud she didn’t cancel out…z gud 2 always av a planB (•͡.̮ ~͡)

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