Up for Grabs:2 more tickets!!!!

Hey peeps… Hope y’all had a splendid day today and you weren’t stuck waiting for something the whole day and still not getting it, like me…
Anyways, I’d like to say I was really impressed yesterday… A lot of you are really connected to google…:D. Tis a good thing… The two winners were selected; IFEANYI and EMEL. Yaaaay! You both will be reached before tomorrow.

Watch Man of Steel from this Friday 21st June at The Filmhouse Cinemas :
Calabar »»» Marina Resort.

Movie Time : 12:15pm , 3pm , 5:45pm and 8:30pm

Also buy 1 LARGE popcorn and a drink, and get the other drink FREE 😀 (Man of steel combo) Tickets from N500.
Ehen! Today’s questions….

»»Mention two other actors that have played the role of SUPERMAN.
»»»Who directed the movie, MAN OF STEEL?

You remember the drill yeah? Leave your email aDd, twitter handle, phone number or BBM pin… You’ll be reached if you’re lucky..
Oya! I have to sleep so I can wake up later to watch Nigeria’s game against Uruguay. #TeamNaija..


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