The Q10 story. Episode 4.

Daisy and I stared at each other in silence just as the doc walked in with blue bunny in a bucket in one hand and a pack of oreos in the other.

“Sorry I took a while, had to take a call” he started before his face went dead at the sight of Daisy.

“Dad!” Daisy started, jumping up.

“H,h,hey” the doc grunted before adding, “You didn’t say you were coming”

“I wanted to surprise you.But I guess the surprise is on me” she said looking in my direction. I wished this awkward moment would just end as a dream and I’d wake up.

“Dad! How could you?” Daisy continued, “She was my junior in high school, dad, really? Did you have to?”

i was really confused. What was she going on about?  I  glared at Dr. Edu hoping he’d say something but he just stood still, waiting for  Daisy to finish ranting.  He was calm, had dropped the ice-cream n cookies on the side table and held his arm out for his daughter’s.

“No dad! I’m really mad right now. Fxxk!”

“Stop swearing young lady! You just came back, give your daddy a hug, go keep your things inside, take a shower, change to road travel clothes so we could go see your siblings as soon as I’m done with my guest”

“Are you seriously not going to address this issue? What is she doing here?” She paused and when her dad remained mute, she started walking towards where I presumed was her room.

Now Dr Edu in a really calm voice said  “So, the Q-10 you ordered would be delivered next weekend,” as she walked away.

And with that, Daisy stopped dead in her tracks, turned back, smiled  and said “If my Blackberry Q10 is heading back to school with me, I’m sure I’ve forgiven you already”

“wow!” i said under my breath.


“Q10, phone of my dreams.” i smiled.

“why do all of you like the phone so much?”

“Who doesn’t like a blackberry?”

He looked at me for a while and then smiled. i felt uneasy as i dropped my ice-cream spoon.

“is there a problem, sir?”

“What are you doing next weekend?”

“errrr, nothing I know of. Why?”

“How about a weekend trip with me?”

My facial expression was like that of a mother who just walked in on her teenage son applying female make-up.

“No, thank you, sir” i stressed the ‘sir’ a bit.

His face remained calm and expressionless just as that of the Spanish National team coach during the CAF semi-finals match against Italy. Suddenly, the room temperature dropped and he just finally whispered, “Too bad. i would have gotten the Q10 for you” just as Daisy emerged back into the living room. i bit my lower lip hard and goose bumps appeared on my arms. I thought deep and wondered if I would actually change my mind but when i looked up at Daisy and noticed the daggers she was shooting at me with her eyes, I jumped out of the chair and begged to leave.

” Thanks for honouring my invitation, my small friend.” Dr. Edu smiled handing a bundle of money to me.

“Thanks a lot, sir. But, no thank you.” i responded walking towards the door.

“Take the money! and stay away from my dad.” Daisy said brutely

I stuck out my tongue at her, stretched out for the money and made my way out.


4 thoughts on “The Q10 story. Episode 4.

  1. Very dangerous play this niggah is playing with kids. And right under his own roof. As Lewis Carrol would say, “curiouser and curiouser”.

    Keep writing. Amma keep reading.

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