Hello people! What’s happening with you all? What’s the latest news on the ASUU strike? Because to me, it seems we’re still home for a while but I’m being positive though.

Anyways, we just concluded ‘The Q10 story’ in the last post. How did you enjoy the series? Pretty cool, huh? No? YES! Anyways, we’re taking a break from stories and concentrating on even more exciting things. Fashion!!! *whoop*

A lot has happened in the fashion world. A lot! The boys are seriously not smiling, neither are the girls. That’s a good thing. In this fast evolving world of diverse fashion trends, the worst thing you can do is to be a dinosaur.  So, watch this space, we’ve got you covered. Or at least, we intend to. 😀


Ehen! OurBlogazine is introducing a brand new segment tagged “RATE MY STYLE”. It’s a really cool blog segment where we get top-notch fashion personalities to comment on a person’s ‘OOTD’, stating what was wrong, how to wear it better, and all that kinda stuff. Please note that the people are just picked randomly. But, if you think you dress it up well, you can submit your picture for rating oo… (send pictures to this e-mail- d_t_h23@yahoo.com). Add your details to the e-mail though. The rating could be how you wore a random piece of item in the outfit and the complete outfit as well. The Judges are;

  •  Nkari Dyeri (Fashion designer): Nkari Dyeri, the twenty-one year old designer, started drawing dresses as far back as grade three when she was eight years old. Nkari Dyeri is a fashion buyer with seven years experience, knowledge of new product launching as well as set and shoot styling.

    Nkari Dyeri

    Nkari Dyeri

  • Sandra Itu

    Sandra Itu

    Sandra Itu: She is the CEO of LeyiUsh styling. A lady that is fashion sensitive to the teeth. She’s a fashion and wardrobe stylist who believes that fashion is what you buy but style is what you do with it.

  • Karen Ubani: She is a fashion entrepreneur, stylist, business analyst and nation builder. Her love for fashion business was born out of a hobby of gathering unique fashion pieces from vintage stores, often giving them out as gifts, and sometimes selling them. She however decided to start her own label, following the scarcity of required trends in vintage stores, birthing the Karen-Ubani Apparel line. She believes that fashion should be trendy, affordable, and accessible.
  • Tee Andem: She is a Nigerian economics student with a love for God, and passion for Fashion nd style!



  • H.I rep– She’s afraid of people holding her to beat when she thrashes their outfit, lol. No, she’s just shy. The one with the most up-to-date fashion sense in our group. Well, we had to be repped innit.
Karen Ubani

Karen Ubani

Other guests in this segment would be mentioned in subsequent blog posts.

Okay! A good friend of ours, Tee has decided to task herself to bring some interesting fashion tips to you in just one read. If that’s not awesome, I don’t know what it. Let’s pray laziness permits her posts to be regular. Her blog segment is tagged ‘TEE’S TIPZ’

Ermmm! What else? Okay! Have you heard of Wale Adenuga? No, not the one that one you know from ‘SUPER-STORY’. This one’s an amazing photographer. Read all about him soon. Interesting fellow, I tell you. Also, another upcoming interview with the CEO of Zamar Couture, Uzoma Ehiemere. He is an Abuja-based fashion designer who specializes in making sure that the guys look A-okay. His shirts are to-die-for!! So, watch this space for all these and even more…

LaShakara is organizing a celebrity runway event tagged “THE SPOTLIGHT”.  Anticipate it!!! It’s gonna be a show to remember as celebrities would strut the runway to prove that not only the pro models have got it. it’s a show that has it all, fun, excitement, craze> Anticipate entertainment at its best. Like nothing you’ve ever witnessed  or experienced before in Calabar. It’s coming real soon!


It’s exactly 12midnight. Time to go to bed.

Don’t forget, we can be that trampoline you need to project yourself to the world. Let OurBlogazine put you on the worldwide web.




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