Rate My Style- Fashion Socks

FAshion Socks

FAshion Socks

Being the first post of the post of “ Rate My Style (R.M.S)”, I felt it would be appropriate to start with a piece of clothing that is common in this rainy season- socks.  The rains seem to have come to stay apparently. So, because of the cold and wet grounds, people tend to dress heavily and most times, they even add socks to their outfits. Socks are common to both males and females. Most times, people don’t even add it to their outfits to present as fashionable but MOST times, they do.  Fashion socks, for the females, could be lace and net or bright and printed; knee highs for the winter and ankle socks for the summer!


To avoid too much talk, here’s a picture of Kwinet Obongha, who added  a pair of black socks to her outfit.



And the judges said….

Socks are a DO definitely. But this outfit does not hit the nail on the head for a focus on “socks” outfit

Sandra Itu
Ah no never!!!
The stockings, the Leopard skin bag doesn’t go with the kind of look she was aiming at.
The shorts aren’t the right fit for her & the tucked in look either
Then her hair, too messy.

Karen Ubani
The socks on this outfit is absolutely not necessary…. It kills the understated sophistication that the entire ensemble is supposed to reflect. More so, the outfit would have rocked more will a little touch of red on her bag.


While I’m all for fashion risks, pulling off a pair of socks for a lady is quite a task, a little off and you are strutting about, a total fashion faux pas… Now, without the socks (and the shoes,lol) in this outfit, it would have been perfecto! I think the socks kinda took away the shine from an otherwise, effortlessly cool ensemble..

The sock is a hard trend to rock. You need to be a certain age to rock it and a certain body type to pull it off perfectly but apart from all that, it’s a really cool trend. 25yr olds and above should stay away from stockings. I like the picture though but for this particular outfit, she didn’t need a pair of socks this long. Ankle length is ok and the general outfit itself should be cool, calm, relaxed and easy so the focus will be on the socks. This outfit is leaning towards tacky. The belt should be eliminated. The socks should have been grey. She should let the shirt down or in place of it, rock one of these cool off –the-shoulder tank tops. Those work perfectly with the socks trend. Nobody is allowed to wear white socks except you are paying homage to MJ. I LOVE sock with prints! They add ‘oomph’ to any down and out outfit. TRY IT, y’all.


And so, the judges have spoken. Kwinet may not have rocked the socks 100% but maybe you can. Send your pictures to d_t_h23@yahoo.com or twitpic @HorizonInc1 (hashtag-RMS) or post on our facebook page – OurBlogazine and you’d be on here for ratings.

Now it’s your turn to Rate Kwinet’s Socks Style. COMMENTS PLEASE!!!!


14 thoughts on “Rate My Style- Fashion Socks

  1. Is it me or nobody is seeing that she tucked in the front part of the shirt and left the backside out !!! Red shoes on a stone wash bumshort with a leopard skin bag that I’m sure was meant to go with the “gucci” belt…. that’s a whole lotta wrong

  2. For that outfit the socks is a BIG NO…..socks don’t fit every outfit,body size,weather and occasion…Plz Dont Forget!!!!
    Big No……all the way…

  3. From a designers perspective, I fink this is a case of right cloth items buh wrong colour and pattern choice. She had d perfect idea nd it probably looked better in her head buh when u combine animal/safari prints(bag) wiv Checkered(lv belt), stone washed denims nd a very hot red …. Otherwise ild say she looks FUN!!!

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