AFRIFF Greatness!!!


As you may or may not be aware of, the African international Film Festival (AFRIFF) has come to an end and we can truthfully say that it’s third edition was a huge success. In this edition of AFRIFF, 21 African countries participated and showcased their films. A lot of actors/actresses were on attendance and I’m sure they had fun…
This week has been a great week for Ourblogazine. I won’t lie, it’s been much better than I had hoped or imagined. We have achieved a lot and gotten close to several people that we could only relate to via Tv as at last week. Mehn! It’s been God. The best of the best of Nollywood have said our names and heard about our blog… Who would have thought that two shy girls (as much as we would deny) would be able to gain such recognition in such a short time? That’s greatness!! Big time!!!
Ah! Almost forgot. Chakie and I are now OAPs somewhat… Hehe!!! Yes! The greatness does not stop!!! Check out soon to hear our voices…

Well, AFRIFF has come and gone… And we have been great…
Determination, faith and focus- that’s all it takes. Forget the insults and mockery, they’ll all be damned when you’ve made it!

There’s no dream that is too big and no dreamer too small’-Anon

Thanks to Nomzy of real360radio and to God Almighty! And to everyone that believes in us… #teamOurblogazine!!!

* keep watching this space*
Have a blessed week!!!


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