Hey people, are you feeling December yet?
Quick reminder: the giveaway is still on oo… Girls!! go here

Yes yes! So, Ourblogazine is here to bring you the latest!!! And the buzz that’s on now is about the upcoming house party… Wait for it… Yes! GUILTY ! PLEASURES.
So, if I were to run a radio ad for this party on Paradise Fm, Calabar, it’d go like this: (probably)
‘Okay!! CYPHER PRODUCTIONS & LED GANG present the most anticipated house party in December, the party of the year; GUILTY PLEASURES: THE HOUSE PARTY!!!! This party is happening live here in the Cannan city on the 19th of DECEMBER @ DAVVY APARTMENTS, 116 ASARI ESO LAYOUT, OFF MCC RD, Calabar!!! Time: 6pm till fade!!
Host: Calabar’s Finest and award winning comedian, ROBY EKPO and Paradise Fm’s MR FABLOS….

For more info:
Reach these peeps on:
BBM: 7C0E0D3- Andre, 2A50AE00-cypher, 27713130- FreshOyo
Twitter- @andre_khris, @cypherproductn, @FreshOyo

Get ready for the house party with absolutely NO RESTRICTIONS! Get ready to get turnt up!! Get ready for GUILTY PLEASURES!!!!!’

*clears throat*


To win big this December, watch this space…

*Cz… Approved*


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