Dola Posh Photography…

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In photography there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality.”- Alfred Stieglitz

Dola Posh is a daring photographer that brings fun and life to the deadest scenes, evergreen memories of the happiest moments and sophistication to every photograph.

 For those of you that have been asking/wondering if the interview catey has been wiped out, This is your answer.


>A Brief introduction (Family, Education, Social life, Work, e.t.c)
My name is Adelaja Adenike IbiDola (Dola Posh), I was born and brought up in Lagos,Nigeria. I’m from Ogun state and from a family of 4( I’m the last child *Big Smiles*). I’m a Photographer and a student, studying Marine Biology at the University of Lagos.



>What do you do? For how long?
I’m a photographer (Fashion•portraits•weddings) and I started professionally May,2012.

>What do you think about the fashion culture in Nigeria?
Fashion culture in Nigeria is getting really creative , we’re doing well so I’ll say we’re getting there.


Dolaposh photography

Dolaposh photography

>How fashion conscious are you?
Not so fashion concious , I just like to look good and comfortable at the same time ( I love my skinny jeans and plenty Bold shoes).

>What are the extra efforts you put in to stay on top of your game?
I like to study , so I make use of the internet very well , I read some photography books ( e.g. Direction & quality of light by Neil Van ) ,Uk Magazines ( Photo professional , professional photographer etc),Fashion Magazines etc. I like to read. It helps.


>What challenges have you encountered so far?
No road is smooth or large for everyone, there are ups and downs in Life. But, I grow beyond them everyday. Me being a Lady is even hard enough, some people think I’m not capable or rather too fragile or they’re just surprised to see me as a photographer. But oh well , they get to warm up to me.

>What has been your lowest point so far?
Feeling rejected , like people didn’t accept my ideas and views ( I almost got broken) but with time everyone saw that I wasn’t a photographer that wanted to be on a queue , I’m different and I have that Vibe in any of my productions.


>What has been your highest point so far?
My 1st professional shoot , (themed : Retro , Hip and street), I was so excited and my Family and friends supported me , I call them my “FRAME “

>Has this always been your dream? OR would you rather be doing something else? (If yes, what?)
No , earlier in my life I always wanted to be a Medical Dr , I even went to a Pre-Med school , Did A’levels at Cambridge just to study Medicine. But in time I was so interested in fashion, I started modelling and then was always around photographers and saw myself having that huge interest. So I swapped and followed what I wanted ( with my family’s support of course)



>Generally, how has it been so far? (work)
Work has been good , I’m growing everyday thank God. ( Every new image is always better than the last)
>What’s your typical day like?
I wake up , go to school , go back home to finish post productions or just relax or hang out with friends. I work according to my bookings and lectures as well ( I have to keep up with my good grades). I hate to think of school as stress so that helps me relax and get things done on time.



>What designer labels do you patronize the most?
I love to patronise the ” Made in Nigeria” so I wear sEKu but if she doesn’t have what I need at the time I wear other designers like NACK, Overalls Bespoke ,Purses by AVON, Zac Posen, H&M, Armani, atmosphere , Chanel, Jean Paul Gaultier, Ralph Lauren, I’m a big fan of Victoria Beckham so I wear her affordable Denims , pencil skirts and Big Sunshades.

>How did you get your first camera?
I saved , in fact I maxed out my credit card + my mom and Sis supported me as well in getting some other things ( my Guardian angels )

>Which is your favorite camera?
I don’t have a “favourite” camera. As a photographer, I love to evolve and should be able to use anything, so if I feel I need a better Camera, I work my ass off to get it . Nothing special, we create our images not the camera.


>Your first photo-shoot?
Like I said, my First photo shoot was very exciting , It was shot in Ebute-Metta, Lagos. I was supported by my Family and friends (Blawz, Christine creations,Dami.A,Bisola.O,toyin.I, thelma,Bolanle,Timi and the Knighthouse Family)

>Your favorite photo-shoot
Every new shoot is my favourite *Big smile*

>What’s the most expensive item in your wardrobe
I don’t know really, I don’t have a luxury of time to pay attention to that.


>What’s the most treasured item?
My Gadgets , oh lord! I love my cameras, lenses , lights ,phones , laptops even my external hard drive. *LoL*

>Where would you consider the fashion capital of Nigeria?
LAGOS , of course!!!



>Which fashion trend would you love to end if given the chance?
Ankara on everything!! … Some people forget they have to get beautiful fabrics and be Creative, then they spoil the joy of it *sad face* but some still do a good job with it though.


>Are you in a relationship?
*Smiles* I love to keep my private life private. At least let me keep one thing ^^


> Any last words?
Errm , see everything you create as beautiful and please give your dream a TRY because at the end your Trial might turn to your Joy. I always say “Never have a Cold feet on a “New Destination”. No matter how “Risky”, even when you “Fail”, you’ll feel “Accomplished””. ..Dola Posh.


To Contact Dola Posh:

Twitter: @DolaPosh
Facebook: Ibi Dola
Contact details:+2347085170544


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