‘Ashtrays and heartbreaks’- Prologue

Hey guys….

Exams all done? still writing? New session? Semester? How’s school?

Ourblogazine has been working hard, no lies. i hope the hardwork pays off soon. Well, well, there’s a new story series. *dancing*

Happy? Excited? all join?

our new story series is titled; “ASHTRAYS AND HEARTBREAKS”.

inspired by the song sung by Miley Cyrus Ft. Snoop Lion.

“Now my buzz is gone / I need to re-up on reality / can’t let ‘em see me weak / I need to pause on it!” 

Heard it? No? You should.

This story is a rather touching one. i don’t intend to give off any spoiler alerts though but as usual, it’s about a girl, and a boy and a couple of other characters.  The story is one every lover or hopeless romantic would relate to and we have tried as much as possible to make it readable by every and anyone. you should really subscribe so you don’t miss any episode. like i said, no spoiler alerts. This is not a Nigerian movie. 😀

without further ado, i give you the PROLOGUE of ASHTRAYS AND HEARTBREAKS.


We were half-walking and half-running towards the Gate A terminal as the voice blared through the speakers requesting for cabin crew on board.

I’m not an air hostess, just a travel agent but I still get the leverage of being part of the privilege of being part of the ‘cabin and crew’.

“please, don’t stay long, sugar. I’ll miss you too much,” Nkanu said as he handed my luggage to me.

“miss me small, jare. Besides, it depends on the Nwogboso’s. If they stay long, I remain. If not, I’m back in two weeks.”

   We kissed and started off on opposite directions. After settling into my window seat beside my client’s daughter, Mary, I decided to check BBM for updates.

‘what is this one up to? I haven’t even left and he has changed his dp to a girl. NKANU!’

“… please fasten your seatbelts and switch your phones off…”

Bye bye Nigeria. Hello Argentina!

Who is that girl? As there was no means of fighting or fussing, I drifted to sleep to ignore my burning rage.


Episode one is gonna be up next Friday… Keep it locked> Remember, you can subscribe for email notifications.. *check homepage*

Later peeps! the comment window is now OPEN!




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