‘Ashtrays and Heartbreaks’ – Episode 2

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‘It’s not like I don’t know his family members na, but it’s still like that wasn’t Osuake… I would know Osuake no matter what… Which kind make-up?’
It was early Monday morning and the airport was streaming with eager travellers. while looking down at the chaos in the check-in area, I was talking to my friend, Mary, who was looking at me enthusiastically as if to ‘see’ my point.
‘I think you might be right. But I also think you should take his word for it just because he said so.’ She said carefully, as though trying to vert her words.
‘Mary, I should let him get off the hook? Just like that?’ I complained, obviously bitter.
‘But you don’t have any proof, Ebere. None at all. I’ve told you to stop being insecure. There are very few Nkanu’s in this town. You should know that by now. Stop wanting 100%’
‘Mary, it’s not a 100% matter. He had better not been lying to me..because-‘
‘…because what? After ignoring him for over 2 weeks..if it’s me, I ask you the reason for all that drama and you tell me this your very minute reason, I will just do you back.. Yes! Because it’s not like you’re perfect.. So?’
Nkanu was my boyfriend of 2 years. He was a banker with First bank. He was very meticulous about his job and could spend hours just walking round the banking hall. He was always the first to arrive and the last to leave, everyday. How do I know? His co-workers always chant this mantra every time I go to check him at work, at offiice get-togethers, basically anywhere they see me. Some out of jealousy, some out of busy-body, pity and for whatever reason really. We were very close hence very fond of each other. Our homes were separated by a street in Fanconi Estate, where we both grew to the adults we now are. I had no friends, just Nkanu. It was always Nkanu.
‘Ebere, clients!!!’ I jerked and my swivel chair spun me round 360 degrees. As it settled, I adjusted and put on my award-winning smile.
‘Welcome to Skyy Travel Agency. I’m Ebere. How may I help you?’
‘Good day. I’m already in love with your smile. It’s you I want for the job…’

Skyy Travel Agency had been my 2nd home for the last 8 months. I started working here two months after my service year. Being a travel agent has always been my dream. I get to travel the world at almost no cost, meet different families and bond with some. It’s been far too interesting, fly first class, private jets, helicopters. I’ve virtually been in every object that flies in the air.
It was now afternoon and I had just gotten my first client of the day. It was in 3 weeks. Not very exciting as it was within the country, seemed hectic as my client was going for a business conference but it was work. I was looking forward to it.
‘How was your day, sugar?’
Nkanu had been waiting in the car park since 3:43pm. I got to him some minutes after four.
‘I’m great. Today was not so busy. You came for me, yaay! You left work before midnight. Yaay!’ I laughed as I talked.
‘This your dimples ehn. Chei!’
I smiled sheepishly as he backed out of the car park.

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