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It had been two weeks since I heard from Nkanu. I had been to two cities in two different countries. I had gotten a new laptop and two phones (because my bold 5 crashed and my IPhone 5c got run over by a car). I had cried, starved and acquired a distraction- baking. In two weeks, I had made 20 meatpies, 50 cupcakes and 3 cakes. in two weeks, depression had become a state of mind.
Nkanu had been my all and all for so long and I had forgotten how to be alone, how to be single, how to stand on my own. I had forgotten how to live because life didn’t seem normal without Nkanu. All the missed calls, texts, Skype calls, Bbm pings didn’t make as much meaning as hearing or seeing him or even being with him. He had looked for me several times but I’d dodged standing in the same space with him. I couldn’t bare it. I couldn’t bare him seeing me broken though he was the cause. I just couldn’t.
It was a lukewarm Saturday afternoon and I was on my way to look for fun. Nobody would take me out (nobody being Mary, my co-worker) so after talking with the Pastor, I dressed up and drove towards the mall. It was big enough to tire me out before I settled to see a movie.
“what movie are you seeing?” a voice said over my shoulder. I turned almost immediately to face the speaker. it was a young man. a well built, dark, few inches taller than me, baby-faced young man. he smiled as I assessed him to reveal what would be the best set of teeth I’d ever seen on a male specie. I smiled back.
“Contract.” I said finally.
“the ghanaian-Nigerian lady one? jacob’s cross dude?”
Yvonne Okoro is the lady. Hlomla Dandala is the dude. Yes, that one.”
“thanks. but I’m sure I’ll forget their names in like 5 minutes. but I won’t forget yours as soon as you tell me.”
“Right. Ebere.”
“Ebere. I’m Ezoke.”
“you must be from the south, right?”
“yes. cross river presciely. Lucky guess?”
“not quite. I’ve been around the world alot. I’ve learnt a few names and their origins.”
“You’ve heard Ezoke before?”
I was mute. I remembered the only Ezoke I knew, Nkanu’s cousin.
“I think so. it’s my turn now.”
I bought my ticket and started away from the ticket desk before I halted when my new found fine-teeth guy ordered for a ticket to see Contract. somehow, that made me smile.
“are you seeing the movie because of me or…?”
“I had it in mind. don’t see yourself yet.”
I said a ‘thank you’ prayer to God for sending what looked like funtil in the person of “fine-teeth while we watched the movie in silence.

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