“Ashtrays and Heartbreaks” – Episode 6

I think we’d end this story sooner than planned..  Not sure yet… Till then, here’s episode 6.

Two movie dates after, I was on my way to Ezoke’s house for the first time since I knew him(about 3 weeks now). I had promised to watch the Spain Vs Chile game with him. All the way to the his, I was pondering. Had it really come to this? It felt like I was a different girl from who I was few weeks ago, like I was free-free from what exactly?
“I’m outside”
“Are you rethinking? why is your voice low like that?”
“Come and let me in jor”
The house was nothing like I expected. (not like I was expecting anything.) It was clean and tidy… Had a big comfy bed with Flintstones themed bedsheet, 3 pillows too.. a big wide-screen TV, the wardrobe was checkered black and white.. grey tiles a comfy bean bag chair.. It had pale yellow walls and blue curtains. It looked comfortable.
“Feel free.”
“okay.” I sat at the corner of the bed and noticed the sports analysts were already talking. I figured the game would soon start. Beads of sweat started appearing on my forehead, I knew nothing about football. Ezoke came into the room with a tray with a can of coke and a saucer with biscuits. he pulled a stool and set the tray and jumped on the bed, just in time to see the players walking into the stadium.
“The kids are so cute”
“Future footballers”
“Right. thanks for this though.” I said, raising the can to him.
“No problem.”
“which side is Spain? which side is Chile?”
“White- Chile. Red- Spain”
Pause again.
“This is the world cup abi?”
“Ebere, you don’t watch soccer?”
“You should watch now. stop talking.”
I pursed my lips and turned to face the Tv, quite embarrassed. I think he knew I was embarrassed because he came closer and pulled me underarm. I smelled him. Tom Ford, Black Orchid. there was no missing that scent, it had been my dad’s perfume for years.
“EZOKE!!!!!!!!! MY DRESS!!!”
“Shit! I’m so sorry. I-”
“Where is the bathroom?”
He pointed and I rushed to go and salvage what was left of my dress. The bathroom was neat. Clearly, Ezoke was a neat-freak. The drink he spilled on me had left a stain already, brushing it only made it worse. So, I pulled it and put in the washing machine and found one of his shirts and wore it. it had been a while since I had put on a boy’s shirt, I had forgotten how sexy it was. Smiling, I swallowed hard and went back out into the room. Ezoke’s eyes literally popped out of his socket.
“Is it because the shirt looks better on me or what?” I had a funny habit of talking my shyness away.
“it’s been a while since any body turned me on so suddenly.”
“Perv much?”
“Sexy much!?”
We laughed in unison and as it faded away, I searched for words to avoid the silence.
“You’re a neat-freak.”
“I can’t even deny that. see, I even changed the bed spread because of that spill.”
“Na wa oo.”
I was now noticing the curve of his lips and wondered what it’d be like to kiss them. I shook my head vigorously as if to shake off the thought.
“What what?”
As if he had read my mind, with one swift move, he seized my lips. He kissed me like his life depended on my lips; with a thirst that had probably begun right from when I emerged from the bathroom or before, he kissed me. At some point, I could still think. I knew it was wrong, I was cheating on Nkanu. One part of me could not bear it, the other part of me melted away to Ezoke’s kiss. He kissed my cheeks, earlobes, neck and because the shirt had some undone buttons, my chest. He just kept kissing, even as his hands started exploring my body over the shirt which was fast becoming a hindrance. My conscience was a buzz-kill but I strapped her to the back seat and taped her mouth. My fingers ran over his arms, neck and head. He had the softest hair, thickest arms and most sensitive neck. He gasped as I kissed his neck and cupped my twins tightly. Ezoke was appealing.
“What. are we. doing?” I asked between kisses.
“You’ll see?”
The manner and speed with which I was stripped of his shirt showed both expertise and craving. I managed a smile as I watched him get comfortable with my body thanking God silently that my undies were not of the ‘turn off’ category.
“Your body…” He trailed off and we resumed kissing. From my lips right down to my mid-section. Then he spent time with the twins, sucking, nibbling and caressing. I let out soft moans that made him smile for some reason. This felt great. I felt like all my stress and burdens had been lifted maybe for a while.
‘Ebere, I want you. Here and now.’
Words were always a turn off for me because somehow they brought me back to reality in this case, Nkanu. I looked at him in awe of his beauty. He was towering over me like a lion about to eat a grasscutter (yes, I just compared myself to a grasscutter).
“I… I, I can’t, Ezoke” He kissed me hard, ran his hands through my hair and whispered in the softest voice yet, ‘ why?’
‘my, my, boy…friend’ i grunted.
He smiled unusually and sat up.
“What about him?’
“I can’t do this to him.”
“But you would do this to me?” He said while pointing at ‘him’.
I giggled.
‘why are you guys beefing sef?’
I was mute. I had forgotten why Nkanu and I were not talking.

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Enjoy your weekend, darlings.


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