“Ashtrays and Heartbreaks” Episode 7

It wasn’t everyday you’d see or hear of a girl who got so close to sex and didn’t have it. It was such a blow, to me that is ( not like I’m a sex freak or anything). But I was fine. I wasn’t thinking of it. I wasn’t thinking of Ezoke. I was thinking of me. What I had become. Anger ruins people and so far it had gotten the best of me. For about a month plus now?
I smiled nervously as I dialed Nkanu’s number. it felt like I’d forgotten what his voice sounded like. my throat dried up, I wasn’t sure I knew what to say. it rang till the end, no answer. I called again. And again.
Work was slow. I was off for about two weeks. Not off like i was on holiday but I couldn’t be up for any travel assignment. Just basic office work. it was no fun because I love looking forward to going somewhere with people I may or may not know but for now, that feeling was in the shadows just like Nkanu. It was a very sunny Thursday and I had called him at least 23 times on average but he hadn’t responded. My gut felt weird like I’d vomit or something. it was really tight. But I shaded all that when a call came through.
“Skyy Travel Agency, how may I help you?”
“Oh baby! how far na?”
“Mary!!!! So you. couldn’t call my phone? You called the office.”
“Your number is not going through. I tried.”
A quick glance at my phone showed it was off. it could have been a low battery or something.
“Okay. how are you, darling. How’s Port Harcourt?”
“Boring. I’ve been in the hotel since I got here. The woman is just doing her thing. all I do is take the kids around.”
” Not so busy then, right?”
“Yeah. You sound detached. What’s up?”
“Nkanu is not taking my calls”
“Hallelujah! You finally decided to call the poor boy now that he must have gotten over you. smart!”
She was very sarcastic.
“How are you helping?”
“I’m not. Anyway, since you need help. You should go to his house or call his office. Don’t just call and text. Afterall, that’s all he did. Go the extra mile. it’s ‘Operation Get Nkanu back’. it’s a go!”
I thought for a moment.
“Okay. I’ll find the strength. You have to go?”
“Yes. call me if anything. Wait. what about Ezoke?”
“Long story. But I’m still there somehow. Going for that Cynthia girl’s marriage with him today.”
“Cynthia in MedPlus?”
“Yeah oo! Na we remain.”
“There is God. Bye dear.”
Friends are angels.
After work, I drove to Nkanu’s house. As I feared, it was locked. There was almost even no sign of life except for the security who said he was not back from work yet. It was already frustrating but I wasn’t deterred. I was just going to take a break, try to enjoy the marriage and then start again.
“What’s the Plan? Are you there yet?”
“Almost. Where are you?”
“On my way.”
Cynthia was a common friend of ours, surprisingly. She is a pharmacist in a drug store that was in the same complex as my office. She is very nice and friendly and had come through a couple of times for me, so there was really no way I’d miss her marriage.
When I arrived, it seemed I had missed a lot as the ceremony was already on. I hurriedly tried to locate Ezoke.
“You’re so late.”
“I couldn’t find where to park and I couldn’t find you. I’m here now. where are we sitting?”
“Come. I’m with my friends”
There were days when your guts would help you avoid certain troubles. Or an unexpected delay obstacle, maybe a flat tyre, traffic, anything. I wished any of those had happened as i was still on my way. Anything that would have prevented me from getting to this place that was suddenly very uncomfortable. I would never have guessed this. Nkanu was one of the friends Ezoke was referring to.


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