Style Crush: ROBY EKPO

A few months ago, we introduced a new category; “STYLE CRUSH”. And here we are with another style crush post. Whether they just dress up to take pictures for Instagram or not, some individuals really know how to look good.
Today’s style crush is: ROBY EKPO. His dress sense is impeccable and is sure to have you stretching/breaking your neck for a better view.

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For more pictures of the suave gentleman, Check his Instagram page- @Roby.ekpo or @robyekpo


On the 24th of August, 2014, Robert Ekpo will host his first comedy show. YAY! Big things!! ‘ROBY EKPO *UNLEASHED* is set to take calabar by storm!! Don’t dull oo…It’s in 24 hours yo!!! Everyone is already on board. Except you, maybe.

Venue- Transcorp Hotels, Calabar

Time: 5pm

Date: 24/08/2014.

Tickets; 2k, 5k, 30k(reserved)

You can get your tickets online;

 Get with the fun. You must not turn down.


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