Interview: Jason Porshe…


A Brief introduction (Family, Education, Social life, Work, e.t.c)
My name is Jason Samuel, the creative director of Nigerian design label: Jason Porshe,. I’m 20years old. I’m the first child of four boys. I did computer engineering at Legumes Integrated and an online Fashion (Bespoke Tailoring) internship with Maurice Sidwell Savile Row Academy in London.

What do you do? For how long?
I’m a bespoke fashion Designer. Been into the business of fashion for 2 years.

•Do you find what you do exciting?
I find my job very exciting because it comes from within, every collection or piece of design has a story to tell, something inspires it, somehow.


How did you come up with your brand?
My brand came up when I saw the need to show the world my own idea of fashion,I saw a need to express myself fashionably.

What inspires you?
Anything can inspire me. it depends on my mood, what I’m doing, what I’m seeing, what I love, anything!!!…Tom Ford & Ashish Thakkar are big influences in my life.

How fashion conscious are you?
I’m very fashion conscious,I tend to scrutinize every interesting piece I see anywhere or anytime, always willing to learn more.


•Ourblogazine is looking into the fashion industry in Nigeria. What’s your take?
The fashion industry in nigeria is growing very fast.

•What are the extra efforts you put in to stay on top of your game?
*Lol*  I just keep working hard.

•What challenges have you encountered so far?
Stocking my pieces internationally,in international cities like Dubai, Dublin, London, New York. I’m still working on that though.


What has been your lowest point so far?
Getting evicted from the 2013 Lagos fashion Design week interview.

•What has been your highest point so far? (First and best things you have designed?)
Becoming the African Fashion Week Dublin 2014 Ambassador is really interesting and no doubt it’s a God given gift. But I’d say No high point for me yet. I still see the need to put in work.

•Has this always been your dream? OR would you rather be doing something else? (If yes, what?)
This is my dream and I’m living it

•Generally, how has it been so far? (work)
God has been faithful.

•What’s your typical day like?
Work, stress, pressure

•What designer labels do you patronize the most?
Not much

•What’s the most expensive item in your wardrobe?
My sneakers & shoes *Lol* Zanotti and mocassins

•What’s the most treasured item?
My suits

•Where would you consider the fashion capital of Nigeria?

Which fashion trend would you love to end if given the chance?
I find all the Fashion trends interesting, innovative and storytelling.

•What do you see yourself doing in the next five years? Where do you think your brand would be then too?
I see myself becoming a more fierce designer. I see the brand tapping into the international market..God willing.

Any last words? Advice for aspiring designers and stylists?
Keep working. Don’t ever get comfortable.


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