AG and Danny…


The story of Danny and AG!! It was a long week of activities in Uyo but we thank God they’re finally one. I am glad I joined in on the festivities starting at the rehearsal which had almost all the members of the bridal train there -from the maid of honor and best man (danny’s brother and wife) to the little brides (AG’s neice and cousin). Btw, Yes she had 2 little brides! The next day, Frank (of pampered pink, now @ beauty gate salon, Calabar) touched down to make the ladies beautiful.. We had a long day of hair and dance, yes dance! When family members come together, you only expect fun… Did I  mention the wedding cake was made by the bride’s mum and sisters in the house?? I forgot, it was! The gorgeous about 12 cake masterpiece was made in the house and we all had a good inhaling (lol) Did I also mention I had not seen/met Danny till this week? Ikr, I’m a bad sister! Not my fault, missed the traditional marriage which rocked Ikom, sadly cos of this medschool thing 😦 I’m over that now though. The bride’s grandmother’s came in on Thursday. That was a wonderful sight on its own. On Friday, I woke up to my grandmother drinking tea and putting snuff on the balcony-to me, that was a good sight.
Friday, everyone touched down Uyo AKS. We all had a fun day, bride’d hair and nails got done and we finally retired to bed at slightly after midnight. The late hours of the night had the mum’s single “sweet mother” and other oldies with phone mics. It was absolutely funny. 
Now, On Saturday, hmmm… Saturday! the big day. I woke up bright and early and got to the hotel. The first thing I saw, was the wedding dress in all its glory. Then I thought to myself “this just got real” the bride got started on her hair while we switched to our bridesmaids dresses. There was soul music in the background to calm AG’s jitters. The camera crew-xposure Nigeria & stormblast media and make up artist- beautybyclaire got in shortly after we did and set up. We all got beautiful and went on to church. Her dad walked her down the aisle and I must say she looked like an Angel in white. The service was short and had a lot of family and friends in attendance. The deputy Governor of Akwa Ibom State graced the ocassion and before long, we had pictures taken and went off to the reception. The cake was the centre piece of the reception venue. It was amazing to look at. There was food and drinks and we had a three course meal menu.. Robert Ekpo was the master of ceremony. Then, the bride and groom waltzed (yes!) in looking all casual (bride changed to a black and white dress and the groom took off his jacket) The reception went as receptions go. Everyone had fun.   I’ve been typing so long, I’m sure you’re tired of reading all of this. click here for pictures.
I wanna marry… Don’t you???

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