You and I – Episode 3

So, it’s been two weeks since I started writing and i’m happy we’re making progress. Stories are not so easy to write even for pros like me. *pats self on the back, figuratively*.
I’m in class sitting next to Ochia, of course. I’m seeing James and Temitayo sitting far off. Listening attentively. Sometimes, I feel i’m Ochia’s distraction but then again, she’s mine. We are talking and basically trying to catch up on the weekend as I went home. Over the phone, it seemed like so little had happened, but watching Ochia demonstrate while reeling out gist made me think otherwise.
“My dear, he came in the night oo. Like 7-ish. After I had even already set myself for sleep. The house was dead mehn. Anyway… He called and said ‘can I please just see you?’ with a voice that i’m guessing was supposed to be sexy but anyway, he came. I came out like that oo.. pyjamas buttoms and big tee…”
“So, this man has finished. I didn’t even hear anything. Na wa sha. Oya, continue”
“The class was boring. Anyway, I came out and I had to call because I didn’t see the car I knew”
“He drove another car?”
“My dear… he drove another car. one small car.. black. Dunno the name sha. So, I entered. He now wasn’t saying anything. I was almost angry. For like 15minutes. He was just pressing phone. What is that? I opened the door and wanted to go out. He now started, ‘ah you’re angry? I was chatting with errrmm… my friend. it was important. Sorry..’ what again did he say there? Okay! ‘you look sleep comfy.’ I now said I was already in bed. What did he come for, you know, trying to form attitude. He started laughing. Then somehow, he started gisting me about his day.. stuff.. he talked oo.. then somehow I now talked…”
“About what?! If you wanted to confess, why didn’t you go to st. Paul’s, this girl.” I had my hands on my head dramatically. 
“You calm down and listen now? I didn’t tell him anything too important there. I just mean I was comfortable enough to gist with him.”
“Anyways, it was late, he got distracted on the phone again so when he was done with some coded call, I told him I had to go in.”
She dramatically pauses for some sort of emphasis.
“We hug” she gushes “and he smelled awesome and I lingered a bit. Cocky dude noticed and said ‘it’s Bvlgari man, you like?’ I ignore and almost run into the compound. You won’t believe who I stumbled on.”
“Who?” I ask eager for the gist.
“Chidinma! Asking where I was coming from this late, how she knew it had to be a man. I answered her back oo, told her I’m not like her who’s going out with an overnight bag. I wasn’t even there to pretend to be nice.”
I laugh almost hysterically because Chidinma is a fair ibo girl who lives in our compound and is known for the numerous men she hangs with on a regular. If it is church though, she’s the first one there in the longest dress and lifting the holiest hands. Once in a while, she comes to give us some tales by moonlight. Nothing ever happens with Chidinma.

I’m done with classes for today. At about 1:30pm. It’s quite strange for a Monday but i’m glad. With exams coming up, I needed all the free time in the world. Ochia has errands that she wants to run on her own for some reason, so i’m strolling slowly, going through my phone and listening to music. This particular song has been on repeat for days because like you, probably, i’m a John Legend fan and this song ‘you and I’ is a jam, even without the boom boom boom. It’s the lyrics, it’s the thick voice, which is tone-rich and totally void of strain. His voice shows a perfect blend of vocal registers, which is evident when he switches between his head n chest voice. It’s also his sultry good looks and generally, him!
So, i’m singing along ignoring my tone deafness. I’m happy. I’ve made a couple of calls to Ochia at points where I’d seen something funny, or noticed a familiar car. I’m almost home.
Let me check twitter.
Good thing. I checked, I have several DMs. I open the most interesting one. It’s from a guy I know, i’ve known him for a while. Heard his gist around the town and now, he’s wanting to know me? Maybe?
hey sugar. Thanks for checking on me. I’m better now and my birthday will actually be cool because i’m well now. Dm your pin?’.
I laughed while I replied. ‘Yay! Cakes! 7C1E3EF4.’
I’m finally home. Stretched out in bed waiting almost impatiently for Ochia to return.
“Where are you Oo?” I begin over the phone.
“Almost outside. Goldie now.”
“Ok. You won’t believe who just asked for my pin”
“I’m coming!!!”
The excitement in her voice made me leap silently. My friend is ever ready for gist.
It’s been a week since Ofem and I have been chatting and there really hasn’t been any highlight. Okay, he’s asked for my number but hasn’t called since, offered to take me for lunch, that hasn’t happened yet either. But, we’re alright. Ochia and I are in the room trying to make the best out of a relatively slow Wednesday. It’s evening and almost time for her weekly skype call/date with her long time ‘boo’, Eta. Eta is cool, funny and very nice. This is my judgement after 3 years of listening to his voice and seeing his face occasionally. He’s been away in the Uk for as long as. I’ve known Ochia. He’s never visited but they are cool with their skype love. Therefore, I guess I am too.
“Etaaa!” I scream as soon as his face pops up on the screen.
“Go away. You dumper.”
“Ah! Me? Dumper? How?”
“When last did I see you?”
“you’ve never seen me, really. But technically, errmm, last Wednesday na.”
My ringtone distracts me and I dive for my phone while Ochia sighs and keeps up with Eta.
“Hey sugar?”
Who is this one now? “Hi?”
“It’s Ofem jor. Before you start setting voice.”
“Oh!! Hiii, what’s up?”
“I’m fine. I’m at my friend’s place. Will you come?”
Just like that?
“Is that the way they do it now? I’m not coming, please.”
He laughs hard.
“Stop laughing” I beg
“What’s. Happening. Jorr?”
“Not much”
“We still haven’t had that. Lunch oo?”
“It’s you na.. so?”
“I’ll call you tomorrow na. In the evening. How’s that?”
I rush back into the house and start beaming at Ochia who, on cue, jumps away from the laptop screen, grabs my phone and goes through it.
“I dunno the number. Who called!?”
“Oo! Detective Ochia. I would still have told you oo. But, you must grab phone first abii? Anyways.. it’s Ofem. And I just got me a late lunch date for tomorrow.”

Special shout out to our friend for years, Attih. The best singer around.. 😀

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