Happy Valentine’s day


So, we had a post planned but I’m just going to take the easiest way out and blame it on school. This year, Valentine’s day fell on a saturday. So, we didn’t get to see the real valentine’s craze in Unical. Oh well…. I hope you all had time to enjoy the day and show love and feel loved in the best way possible- chocolates, flowers, all the lovely stuff you could imagine. Are you feeling unhappy and unloved? Bae didn’t come through? You just realized you’re not bae’s bae? Bae’s married? That’s no excuse. Today is a day of love. So, Fix that right NOW. Do something that’ll make you happy. See a movie, hang with your best friend, buy yourself something nice; Its not too late, do something for You!
With love, Ourblogazine.😍😍😍

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