TEE’s TIPZ on NYSC Camp survival.

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Camp is on TUESDAY???? No, don’t panic… We have tips that’ll help you survive the weeks away from comfort.. No, I haven’t been there but Tee has… So as always, we’ve got you covered.
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 I see you guys are excited about NYSC orientation camp. Don’t be! Really, don’t!
When people ask me about my camp experience, I just say it was different. It wasn’t fun like everyone makes it out to be, but it wasn’t that bad either. It was just a really different experience.
I won’t tell you my experience, you might want an exemption. I’ll just give you a few tips to help you stay alive. It’s like the hunger games in there and I’m not even kidding.
Pack light! You will frog jump with your box on your head. You don’t want to do that with a heavy one. You don’t want to be remembered as “the girl who came to camp to marry” either. You really don’t.
Ladies, I know you want to look pretty and fix your Peruvian and China hairs (people dey find husband for camp) but, just put it up in braids or something just as easy to manoeuvre. Pretty will be the last thing on your mind when the bell to wake up goes off at 3am.
Carry cash! I don’t mean ATM cards oh! If you’re an ajebutter, carry more of that cash.
You know those black cellophane bags? Buy them. You’ll need them to practise throwing the javelin and shot put. Buy a lot if you’ll need to throw every day.
Carry your documents carefully in a file. This might seem like an unnecessary point but really, people arrived camp without their call-up letters. Make photocopies of them and take as many passports as you can. Not that you won’t find photographers in camp but I had to say “yes, that’s me” every time someone looked at mine.
Go prepared with white shorts, t-shirts, and sneakers(rubber preferably). They’ll give you a couple in camp, but you need to carry extras for your fellow corp members. They’ll borrow yours. No, they won’t return them.
You don’t need plain clothes, you’ll wear your whites every minute of the day except when you’re in bed.
No Mfon, you don’t need a carton of indomie either.
First thing they’ll teach you is the NYSC anthem. There’s a line that goes; “…under the sun or in the rain…”. They are not lying. You will be under the sun and you will be in the rain.
Have fun guys!
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6 thoughts on “TEE’s TIPZ on NYSC Camp survival.

  1. Well I’m glad I saw this now. I read somewhere to take at least 3 mufti. Are you saying I should disregard? What of track suit for sleeping? I love sleeping in them.

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