Tomorrow she will be a year older: 9th July, 2015.

It’s several hours from the 9th of July. She’s probably too pumped right now. I checked through my files on my laptop to search for pictures of her last birthday. she looked, so happy, so… Young. But tomorrow, she’ll be older. She’s not adding half a year, she’s adding a whole year. I think about what a year it’s been for her. A lot has happened. With her. With us. You’d think she’d have grown weary from all the energy draining events, but no. She stayed strong. Why? Because God’s got her. Everyday. 

Tomorrow is in a minutes. I want to get some sleep after making a mental note of my ‘to-do’. I close my eyes and I pray: “Lord, please bless her. As you have added a new year to her, please keep her, guide and protect her. Let your countenance shine on her. Grant her needs and desires. Be with her. Now and always. Amen” 

It’s 11:44pm right now. In 16 minutes. CHAKIEE will be a whole year older.  Whoop!


Picture taken;  July 9th, 2014. 

Piece by: zahzee.

Inspiration: Jen Groeber: mama art
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Remember we’re receiving gifts… Still. Reach Zahzee: 564C8A38. 

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