hey peeps!

So, the giveaway is still on.. in case you’re wondering.. so go on instagram… check out our page @ourblogazine to join in.

Today, we are introducing a new category. it’s called “HASHTAG“. It’s basically based on our favorite instagram hashtags. you have to admit that some people take the hashtag thing to the extreme sometimes.. so, we are gonna have fun with the exciting ones…

Today, the hashtag that made the cut is #BIGHAIRDONTCARE








That is a lot of hair!!!!! Agreed?

You see? It’s kinda fun and let’s see which hashtag comes up next… you can suggest too though!! You can mention us on any post and suggest a hashtag… all for fun!

This post was inspired by Chakie who is also rocking the #bighairdontcare.



Next up! Marley braids! Because Zahzee! lol.

Have a great week people…



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