Hashtag: hatgang. Hats and guys

Hats are the perfect accessories that can move an “alright” look to a “wow! Stop-and-stare-at-me” look. Hats have been there for forever! Mostly worn by girls in Nigeria, it makes for the perfect church outfit.
This post is inspired by a few of my friends or people I stalk (guys) who have taken the risk to add a hat to the ‘perfect’ outfit. Whether it’s emulating your favourite musician or wearing because all your friends are doing it, you took a risk and I liked it.

There will be a post on the right way to wear hats (because I like hats. Especially on a bad hair day) soon..  

Now see what I saw and let me know what you think…
Remember #bboyexhibition 3 is coming soon!!! Stay locked for more details and read previous posts.. 

Check out more #hatgang pictures on our instagram page  @ourblogazine

Love you! Love hats! 


One thought on “Hashtag: hatgang. Hats and guys

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