Denim on Denim

double-denim-dress-jacket-fashion-blogger-cassie-daves (9)
Hello my people! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! I dey hail oo..
Yes, we’ve been slacking but we’ll get better, don’t give up on us yet. Gracias!
It’s going to be an awesome year. I feel it already ^__^. We have a lot in store for you guys… We’re gonna meet a lot of people and grow.. In Jesus Name! Can I get an Amen?
It’s really a short post really…
Don’t expect too much. I just need you to know the one trend that you should bring with you to this year. Free trial month (January) is over. February is here; got a denim shirt? got denim  pants, dungarees, skirt, skort? Pair them together, trust me, you can never go wrong.
The denim on denim trend is here to stay so if you’re like me and haven’t rocked it yet, you’re sitting on a bicycle. A really slow one…
Our favourite people have tried this trend and it worked. So here’s pictures to stimulate you to put together that totally cool all denim outfit as seen on Cassie Daves, Sharon Ojong, Onyinye, Grace Alex, Kim & Kanye, Wofai Fada, Makosi and Danny



Danny Hogan


*skort – a pair of shorts with a fabric panel resembling a skirt covering the front





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