Incase you were or have been wondering where you can get a decent English breakfast, chicken and chips, pizza or cake, we’ve got a suggestion for you. 

Having heard so much about the place, we decided on one of those days when there was free time from school and a car at our disposal, we decided to check it out. 

The place: TRULY LOVELY PATISSERIE AND DESSERT Cafè sacramento estate, Calabar.

 (Instagram: @trulylovelycakes)
Because it’s in an estate, it has a very cool ambience, serene and tres romantic (incase you’re wondering to take me to for a date *winks* ) 

We took several minutes to look around, take necessary pictures after we had ordered, of course. 

Our Order arrived in about 20minutes; we had snacks while we waited. But it’s good time for small talk if you ask me. 


*Zahzee: Omg! The meatpie omg*

Chakie: nah.. The sausage roll got me.. *



Cold fanta. (As FANTA-stic girls) to go with our food : (peppered for Chakie) CHICKEN and chips. The food tastes just as good as it looks, trust me. 
We were going to wait till we have breakfast there but why wait? You could go ahead of us and see what that’s about and let us know what you think. 
You know where Sacramento estate is right? Off Marian beside Aunty Sama’s nursery school… Not so hard to find, actually.


Food is happiness. Never forget that. 

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Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.

Thanks guys! ✌🏻️😘

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