Meeting Mide

Hi peeps!
How was your easter celebrations? hope it was not as drab as mine..

So, we have been praying silently for a long time now for an avenue to network with other bloggers. School and location have been a great factor for us.
But, God works in mysterious ways… while just catching up on some of our favorite bloggers, we noticed some of them were coming to Calabar to serve… and we were like “Hallelujah!!”
Hooking up was the next line of action and on a rather sunny saturday afternoon, Chakie and I met Mide Coker

She’s such a vibrant and amicable young lady. she’s smart, funny and just too nice. She gave us blogging tips as well as some words of advice.

We visited the slave trade museum and caught up with some other friends of hers…
it was a fun day.

sunday evening, we were out for karoake at Bay’s bar. you can imagine how awesome that was💯

Meeting Mide was really spectacular. And we enjoyed every single minute and we are really grateful for the oppurtunity.

P.s please manage the pictures, lol🙏🏾

Thank you, Mide. We love you and you know it.

Check out her blog: Click here



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