Seeing Sarah

Meeting new people is always too exiciting. And meeting one of your favorite bloggers is plain ecstatic. I’m serious. 

Well, you remember we met Mide Coker right? Check out the Post, will you?

This time, we met with Sarah Audu; Popular as Princess Audu. She’s also serving here in Calabar.

 She’s Pretty, great smile and very very reserved outlook.

We met at Marina Resort, Calabar. Same place as Mide huh? Well, we think its a great place for first impressions – both for us and the town,of course.  

We enjoyed walking round the place, pointing out little crabs going in and out of cracks on the riverbank, fishermen wading through mud to set up their fishing nets and paddling canoes up and down and bathing…

We also visited the Slave trade Museum, let Sarah see and hear about slave history amd then we walked round some more and then it was… Picture time!

A few friends caught up with us and we settled for a movie while Sarah went to Happy food for some Chinese food. The girl loves Asian food! 

It was nice to meet her, next time, hopefully, we get to ambush her at her office.

Check out Sarah’s blog Here

đŸ“· – princess Audu, Cappucci, Jowee

Shout out to NYSC! Lol. Coming to Calabar with this batch? Let us know!!


CZ. xx

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