Guest post: Unical vs Unilag

college of medicine, unical

The SUG elections have just been concluded and yes! A medical student isnthe new 001 of UNIVERSITY OF CALABAR (Unical).💃🏻💃🏻
Yes, our school is awesome in so many ways but there’s room for improvement still.. This write up is written by a friend/colleague. I hope it rouses some thought in all of us.

I chose this title because of the recent movie batman v superman. (I really did like the movie too. The story was great and the action scenes weren’t far fetched. There was a lot of negative reviews but…….haters gonna hate). 
Well, I made another trip to Lagos this year after passing my 2nd MB exam. I basically wanted to decompress, experience a different place and catch up with old friends. I have lots of friends in LUTH. After arriving in Lagos, I started to make plans on how we were all going to meet so we decided I best come to the school where I was gonna see them all.


Aside the infrastructure having wears and tears of age (hallmarks of a Nigerian federal institution) it was pretty decent. Everything else was pretty much organized. There was a well decorated and clean region called “Plaza” where various supermarkets, saloons, make-up artists and others operated. Just picture a neat hallway with all of these located on each side of the hall. We had crossed this “Plaza” to get to the restaurant where we could get lunch. The restaurant was a neat place too. Imagine a fast food restaurant the size of hunger spot located on campus, that’s what I’m talking about. The food there was alright and equally affordable. It wasn’t inclined to a single demographic as students, doctors, visitors all patronized them. This wasn’t the only restaurant on campus. I eventually found out that all other “bukas” were collectively limited to one area. Their menu was actually impressive too. I mean, the bukas sold spaghetti, porridge, fried rice, beans, eba and much more but then there’s always the problem of the heat…….something which I really can’t stand. 😶

One of my friends is the social secretary of the medical students association there and she dragged me to her office so we could get some privacy (hahahaha. Nuff said). What surprised me there was the office itself. Each of the elected executive members had an office where they could come to work and properly execute their functions. I won’t say much else. 😔😜
The next conversation was just inevitable. We both wanted to know how the curriculum was alike or different in both our schools. What I could gather was these:

1. Should you fail all courses, one will still be allowed to write all as resits(I’m talking MB here). In Unical, this happens from Clinical II class.

2. People only repeat the courses they fail, while in Unical that only happens from clinical II class.

3. The courses collectively categorized as Lab. Medicine here is written as individual courses in the MB e.g. Monday/ hematology, Tuesday/ microbiology etc. whereas in UNICAL, Lab Medicine courses are all written in one day, well, during practicals they are split into 2 days.

Again, nuff said.

By: Sayyid. Student of College of Medical sciences, university of Calabar.
Let us know your contributions to this issue yes??



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