Style Post: Monochrome (3/3)

Hey guys….


The icing on the cake is finally here.. our guest post today is a style post by… *drumroll* TEE! You remember her from Tee’s Tipz right? No? Well, just use our search engine to explore this, okay?

so! here’s Tee’s take on the Monochrome trend.


The monochrome trend is one that I’m certain isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.
It’s simplicity makes it a timeless classic.


Personally, I never pass up a chance to wear a monochrome outfit so when Ourblogazine asked me to feature on this, I was overly excited.


Being a stickler for androgynous style, this was the perfect opportunity for me to bring these two favorite trends together in one ensemble.

Now, I decided to go with pieces that are very comfortable because for some reason, I can’t stand clothes that stick to my body.


So, for this look, I have on a pair of loose fitting ankle swingers which I made, (thank you :D), a medium size male shirt and a pair of burgundy shoes to add a little twist to the black and white.IMG_6588









This look could work for an office meet or pretty much any formal or semi formal events.



It’s a wrap for this edition of style post that came in a burst of 3 awesome segments. Style Post: MONOCHROME (2/3) and Style Post: Monochrome (1/3)

it’s over to you now: How would you style your monochrome ensemble and where would you wear it to?

Do let us know.



Photography by : @SouthernPantherrr

post by: Tee click to view her blog


COMING SOON: CALABAR CREATIVES’ BRUNCH!! You’re not ready!!! you are not! #CCB2016


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