Paul Ukonu and Daniella Aouad

Hey guys.. We’ll soon have to say goodbye to June and I’m sure the July babies are warming up. Chakie is definitely their leader.
In the past week,  there were some outstanding birthdays which means there’s been cake to eat and food! Because party Jollof is sweeter. But these two individuals really needed to be celebrated.


I listened to the interview we had with him in 2014 during AFRIFF. It was for an online radio we were interning for at the time. And I was smiling so hard because he’s grown so much since then. He was single at the time,  he’s married now with a baby boy. He promised to get better and bigger and has done that without doubt. He even had to swim to his house recently.


Paul and his family

We’ve not communicated in such a long while but he more than deserves this shout-out. He was so proud of us,  gave us good advices and helped us convince Gideon Okeke and Enyinna Nwigwe to sit through another interview when I lost the first files as my phone would not choose another time to crash. Paul is just too awesome! 



Happy Birthday again! As long as its June’s,  it’s still your birthday.


She’s one!!! Seemed like it was yesterday but she’s one! Chakie’s baby!  (Agatha’s the real mummy though) We featured their wedding on here two years ago and we are too happy to feature the first fruit of their marriage on here as well.
A bundle of joy,  this one. You should see the videos of her climbing in and out of a travelling box. Hilarious!!  Link maybe? 



Proud aunty

The perfect gift from the best aunty was a beautiful Barbie cake by Sugar and Spice.
I mean,  the cake withstood the bad Calabar-Itu road and made it to Uyo for the birthday celebration. You see the beauty? Sugar and Spice don’t play with you guys.


Special shout-out to all other June babies, JC Jokes especially for all the love and support. You rock!
Ofem- our colleague and friend. Somto-we’ve known you for a long time now and you’re just too much. My dad. Chakie’s mum. TEE!!! Jesam and Mary-louisa And all other June babies reading this. GOD bless you all.

Paul Ukonu’s instagram page – @paulukonu


Cake by : sugar and spice – cP Daniel by Ekpo Okon, Satellite town.  📱- 08038878615, 08038878617

We are waiting for July! 

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