Only one Chakiee

‎July is the best month of the year; it’s the start of the second half of the year, it’s in the Summer although it’s been raining in Calabar. Most of all, I’m usually super happy and energetic then I’m plotting and planning how I want to spend the day and then I end up overwhelmed by all the love.

This year, I didn’t really have any big plans but I wanted to do something for the blog. I really don’t like pictures or rather, I don’t like how my pictures come out? I’ll take a million and delete all. My sisters and friends would say it’s because I don’t makeup (due to laziness) and I’d rather not stand more than 5 minutes to take a good picture. Edit nko? It’s a problem! Don’t worry, I’ll get the deliverance I need!

Seeing as this year Zahzee and I are putting our personal style on the blog, I decided what better way to celebrate my birthday than do a really cool styled post for the new age (seeing as I’m becoming waay old).

When my mind was made up and zahzee hopped on the idea, thinking up a stylist, photographer, location and MUA wasn’t difficult. I wanted to look nice and I looked like a princess that I am courtsey @southernpantherrr (instagram). Thanks for the crown girl! 

Styled by: Tee (@village_geh) check out her blog here

Photography: Mide Cokersee her blog here

Makeup: @marykarenx (instagram)

Location: Tinapa Resort,  Calabar. 

More pictures yes…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Happy Birthday to me!!  #onlyoneChakiee. 

CZ! xx


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