Style Crush: Roseline Agiang

Hey Guys, what’s up?

CassieDaves has made it clear to us that we must post regularly and a lot of other stuff we’ve adopted from her blogging tips posts. We’re on it, for the umpteenth time, but yes, we are on it.


Instagram has made it so easy to keep up with trends and asoebi styles and also easy to develop crushes on the fashion slayers on there.

I’ve been stalking and following Roseline for a long time so it’s no shocker she’s my Style crush.

This long-legged skirt and high heels lover not only kills it in any outfit she wears, she sews too.. How great is that??

From her wedding guest fashion to her work flow outfits, Roseline slays it all. What do you think??


“It’s not about how much it costs but how well you wear it” Roseline

More style crushes coming your way… do check back. xx

Follow us in instagram @ourblogazine. Thanks guys!

Have a great week!!


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