Style Crush: Ella

Hey guys… We eased up on the style crush a bit, but we’re back. 

Someone asked why we have crushes on mostly girls.. Why though? Lol. Feminists perhaps? Just joking.. The boys are trickling in. We’ve  had Arthur here and Monta here and AkayBrizzle here and many more to come.. 

Now to Ella!!! 

Pretty face. Melanin! Hot bod and killer style. Ella’s style speaks for itself. She has a daring side to it and pulls off some really crazy looks in the most trendy ways possible. 

We must say she’s an instagram style sensation as there’s almost never a blunder with this beauty.  

Whether she’s rocking sneakers or heels or serving face, Ella is just a sight to behold because you just know she’ll slay. You just know. 

It really shouldn’t be a surprise she’s one of our style crushes. 

Check her on instagram @elanulyn 

And while you’re there, follow us too @ourblogazine

The weekend is almost here guys. ✌✌


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