Janet x  CZ 

Happy New Year good people of the world. What’s good? 

Towards the end of the year,  a picture was trending, there were two sides to it.. One frame had a white couple sharing a new year’s kiss and the other frame had black people kabashing seriously in church. Ever wondered why it’s the case? 

Anyway.. Still towards the end of last year, Chakie brought news that Janet Ekpo was in town. My first thought was “whoop! She’ll help me get badges from her brother” (Turns out they are not even related, bummer).

A market excursion for manicure made our first meet. We talked and argued, mostly about nail colour choices and Lagos Vs Calabar living. 

Carnival day was another day… She even brought along a friend, Nehita- interesting lady: she had white hair and it had nothing to do with the carnival wave. 

We decided to do a collaboration. That didn’t revolve round “black” which seemed to be a common thing with us three. Then we realized we all had Gafa sandals and in different colors and it was a hit!

Gafa sandals is a Nigerian shoe company created and run by Abuja-based blogger Grace Alex. She offers a range of slippers and sandals of good quality and also affordable prices. You can check her out in instagram: @gafasandals. 

Shout-out to JayMoney, our ride, location manager (which comprised mostly of “stand like this, stand here, come to this side because of the light)  and assistant photographer. 

Photographer : Chakie or (whoever was not infront of the camera at the time)

Music by: Janet and Zahzee. “Good to be home” by Coco Jones. 

Shoot director: Janet Ekpo. (“be in motion” “laugh” “smile” “take your left leg over your right leg”)  lol. I’m sorry, I play too much. 

Pictures were edited by: Zahzee

Camera: iPhone 5s 

We had ice-cream at creamee land after…Then Janet started #teamFitfam the day after. 

check out Janet’s blog here

IG handles: @ourblogazine @ekpojanet

Disclaimer : This is not a sponsored post. 

New Year resolutions anybody?  


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