For lovers only

For a couple of weeks leading to this day, I’ve been reading a lot of “the single girl’s guide to…” and “the couples guide to…” spend Valentine’s Day. And they all sound very fab: from treating myself to a fancy dinner to buying yourself a gift to just pampering yourself on the day.  It seems like too much, but it’s never too much for yourself. 

Now the day is here and I’d have thought I’d get myself to do all these wonderful things or have these amazing adventures but… You guessed right, money constraints!! All I want to do today is show love to my loved ones. And by this hour, I’ve done a lot. And I’m excited. I’ve brought smiles to my friends’ faces. We even danced in class. 

Later in the day will be basic Chakiee and Zahzee -go- somewhere- fancy-day, no matter what. If not today, tomorrow or the weekend. Notwithstanding the week with its heartbreaks (no. it wasn’t man it was adulting and general life issues) I’m sure going to have fun.

Now to you, don’t sit around and mope for your lost love or the love you don’t have yet, do something for you, for someone else and you would feel great! No matter how small this something is, go do it, have fun, distract yourself if you must. I would personally advise that if you are weak hearted you do not go people watching but do something that will boost the rest of the “lovers month” for you. Something you would remember next year and be happy you did. 

Happy St Valentine’s Day lovers! 

P.S, if you have nowhere else to go or even if you do have, peep Chill and grill today at Calabar Harbor

Also, there’s a super spanking new  Bites n Chops opening in King’s complex on Atekong Drive today. There will be small chops, music and the sweet outdoor air!! 

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