Me Before You

​Hello friends at home. (did you do that in primary school? Think it was students request program on the radio)

So after reading The Lords of the underworld series and Mara Dyer series, I thought I was now fully a science fiction girl until I bumped into Me before you.

Me before you is one of the last books I read and I loved it!! 

I loved it so much and when I discovered there was a second part, I had to cop it. 

Now I loved the book with its sad ending and all I think it depicts that love happens when you learn to know someone or even just after learning to tolerate the next person’s excesses as they too tolerate yours. 

Now the boy, Will Traynor was terminally ill after an accident and needed a carer-  enter the girl, Louisa who was recently out of a job and seriously job searching. As you can imagine he was mean to her and didn’t need carers in his opinion as he already had a plan to end his suffering. Girl, busybody as she was wanted to make him see the world as a place for him again make him love life even as he was. His mum and sister were pains in the asses while his dad was a cheater (I think that shows different people deal with problems differently).

The book ended very sadly if I do say so myself. Doesn’t mean it got me weeping though ( I’m not a crier). As you’ve already guessed, he died! She was in the public eye and he left her a lot of money (dear almost dying friends- I’ll miss you, but- remember a girl in your will because times are hard) Her own mother even disowned her.

I forgot to mention her boyfriend (yes she was in a serious relationship before she met the terminally ill guy) He was a total arse. Athletic and fitness fanatic who didn’t eat anything and was always training, never had time for her. 

I especially loved her sister (the good child of the family) and her son, Thomas. I loved her zeal and determination. She went back to school when Thomas was a toddler. 

The 2nd part of the book was great too. She met someone new he was a paramedic. He had a nephew who she thought was his son and jumped into conclusions about him which got them fighting- yes they were that couple. 

She was depressed and sad about her loss and her family thought she was suicidal so she got enrolled in a counseling group and made a lot of new friends including her new boyfriend’s nephew. 

Plot twist: terminally ill guy has a teenage daughter who appears at her doorstep and is a handful. 

The weekend made a lot of sense. Infact, the week altogether. We had a bridal shower, traditional marriage and a wedding. So, it was a good week for socialising. 

Happy Married life to my friends Onyi and Seun! I pray God blesses your union with love, patience, care and children! I wish you many many many happy years!! 

More pictures in our next post!

Much love, 


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